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  1. Hello Tom, I'm trying to decide if you are a person who has lots of knowledge on AVTECH DVR's but is not willing to share OR knows very little about AVTECH DVR's and software but but is trying to convince everyone you do by filing copious meaningless posts. I have asked many questions but you have avoided providing any meaningful answers. I presume because you don't know the answer. You have instead provided information on hackers and law enforcement agencies etc. None of which interests me and I did not ask about. I will not bother troubling you again by seeking help or responding to your posts as I feel you have nothing to offer on this topic. kind regards dje75140
  2. Hello tomcctv, I understand what you are saying about this system being old vulnerable to hackers. If I get it working again I won't be connecting it to the internet. This thing still has a heartbeat even though it is sick. I would like to see if it can be fixed. If I boot it up and insert a thumb drive it accesses the thumb drive. If I remove the thumb drive and re-insert it it re-reads the thumb drive, so it still is functioning on some level. I have disconnected hard drive, DVD drive and internet. On the web I have found several variants of software as well as those provided by AVTECH in Taiwan. I downloaded a single .bin file with directory "DVR8CHHA_1019\1019-1003-1008-1001\upgrade_8.bin" another file with directory and 4 .bin files "AVC796H_1021\1021-1003-1008-1003\AppImg_8.bin, fboot_8.bin, kernel_8.bin, xml_8.bin" You said "Firmware 1017 to 1019 is what you need". Is that in a single .bin file or 4 .bin files. also what is the significance and the directory numbers "1021-1003-1008-1003". Is this the issue numbers? in a previous post you said "you will need the original file path sent to you by avtech in the order it was sent or it won’t load" Sorry for all the questions but I would like to know what files I need and directory structure I need to give this thing a chance of loading the files as you described. Regards, dje75140
  3. AVtech sent the attached .pdf file with details of how to download the files. I moved into a new house where the recorder was working but was password protected. From posts in the forum I thought I could reset the recorder to factory default if I shorted TP5 and TP6 and powered on the recorder. But it went to its current state. reset_796H.pdf
  4. Hello tomcctv, thank you for your reply.. AVtech indicated "only the .bin files remains in the drive" I downloaded a file DVR8CH796B_S755_0420.zip unzipped it to directory DVR8CH796B_S755_0420 in that directory was another directory AVC796B_S755 with the four .bin files "AppImg_8.bin, fboot_8.bin, kernel_8.bin, xml_8.bin" When you say I will need the original file path do you mean DVR8CH796B_S755_0420\AVC796B_S755\AppImg_8.bin, fboot_8.bin, kernel_8.bin, xml_8.bin" or AVC796B_S755\AppImg_8.bin, fboot_8.bin, kernel_8.bin, xml_8.bin" Thanks
  5. Lost password for AVTECH AVC796H (AU) DVR. From information on CCTV forum I powered up the system with TP5 and TP6 shorted in an attempt to do a factory reset. System now boots to a screen " H.264 System Initial" and hangs there. I contacted AVTECH in Taiwan and they provided a recovery .zip file with four .bin files The directory name "AVC796B_S755" The four files are "AppImg_8.bin, fboot_8.bin, kernel_8.bin, xml_8.bin" I now have two scenarios.. Scenario 1. if I short TP5 and TP6 with no USB thumb drive inserted I get the message "Reset default Complete Booting System" and it then boots to the " H.264 System Initial" screen and hangs there. Scenario 2.. if I short TP5 and TP6 with the USB thumb drive inserted with only the 4 .bin files I get the message "Enter USB upgrade mode (1/6)" "Upgrade APP" The system then halts, the screen gives a message "no signal" and goes into standby mode. the optical mouse led also goes out. By removing individual files from the thumb drive I found the system is accessing the file "fboot_8.bin" and shutting down. If I put any other file in the thumb drive eg the "upgrade_8.bin" file it ignores the thumb drive and behaves as per Scenario 1. listed above When I advised AVTECH in Taiwan that the files and procedure they provided did not work they stopped responding to my emails. I am wondering if the system is looking for a .bin file to take control of an upgrade rather than a recovery boot. Does any one know if there is an "Upgrade APP" file or what "USB upgrade mode (1/6)" means. Better still, Do you know I can fix this issue? Thanks in anticipation.