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  1. Outback_jack

    WTB Qihan cams

    WTB nos qihan cams, either QH-NV534DO-P or QH-NV534DS-P or QH-NW5232DS-P or QH-NV534SS-P or QH-NW551DO-P PM me.
  2. Outback_jack

    NVR/IPC issues

    Ok, I have sorted the issue, the cams are running smooth and no jitter or jerky streams, it was nothing to do with motion or res settings, but something i overlooked. .....in the settings of the Tiandy TC-R3880, under network card there is a setting called "Polymerization Option" which was set to "load balancing", which is what the Qihan NVR was set, but this Tiandy does not behave the same way, so i have set to "multi-access" which has solved the issues i was having, plus i have replaced many faulty Qihan NV534DO-P ipc's, and all is good. Side note: this Tiandy 80ch works fine !
  3. Outback_jack

    NVR/IPC issues

    Ok, thanks, i'll try with motion settings, and drop the res of the cams and see if it stabilises.
  4. Outback_jack

    NVR/IPC issues

    No motion settings, just constant recorded stream from all cams, cams are H264 compliant, resolution i'm unsure of atm(will check and reply) all the cams are connected to a cisco poe switch and 2 cat6 udp from the switch to the nvr gigaports storage is 3 x 10tb wd purple hdd (no raid)
  5. Hi, I had a Qihan N6564F-H NVR with 37 IP cams on a wired network, the qihan was becoming troublesome and took an eternity to start up after each time it "locked up" during the darkest hours of the night, So, i purchased a Tiandy TC-R3880 80ch NVR, set it up with the same configs and i now have choppy/jumpy streams from all the cams, i have checked the POE switch, i've tested all the CAT6 cables, none of the cams are getting hot, but i do have 4 or 5 cams disconnecting and reconnecting randomly, unplugging these cams does not cure the original issue.