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  1. RLN8-410. It looks like a refurbished one for $50 and a hard drive for $20.
  2. So I can use the old analog cameras. There is no BNC connection on the NVR.
  3. I really don't want to spend a lot on this set up since I have the digital in place. These will be mainly for watching the less important things. Is that with the hard drive? Thanks
  4. I have updated to digital cameras but would still like to use the old analog cameras and record on them. They old software was discontinued. Do I just need a recorder? The coax and power supply is still in place. Thanks
  5. What is a good power line extender?
  6. Thanks Jerome, I will check that option also. The cable could be used for pulling but it is our last resort to replace it with Cat5e. It is very hard to get to and replace it. We are looking into power line extenders right now but not sold on them either. Thanks again,,--Darrel
  7. Maybe I have sounded difficult with my questions, I get the same from customers in the machine shop business. I am no expert in electronics and that is why I came to this forum. I have read in some forums that they are intended for professional comments. It looks as though the plug-ins might work OK. Thanks for your help, Darrel Howell Machine, LLC
  8. The wifi camera's work most of the time but not satisfactorily. After further checking gauge and charts, the cable I have is 22AWG. This morning a phone tech was here to check internet problems and he mentioned the plug-in line extenders as well. He also said I shouldn't have any problem with the com cable if I decide to go that route. A phone company representative is suppose to contact us for further information on maybe upgrading. Thanks, Darrel
  9. I will be traveling about 60' from the main router to the extended router. About half of that is underground and no way to replace it. This com cable is already there and yes there is power. How much of a twist is considered twisted? This solid copper is .100 thousand so I figured it is 30 gauge. Thanks, Darrel
  10. Can I use regular com cable 6 pair solid 30 ga. wire for Cat5e cable? I can terminate the ends with ethernet terminals. Thanks
  11. egnuol

    AGW question for WiFi cameras.

    Sorry about that I was not clear on the purpose of the cable and posting in the intro section. I realized that after sending. It is telecom cable and I want to use a router extender in this building where the com cable terminates. After that, maybe I can use a tablet and the wifi camera. Thanks, Darrel
  12. #1- I'm not sure about the size wire I can use for a WiFi camera. These cameras are powered at the mount. I already have an 8 pair cable 30 AWG solid copper wire running in conduit to another building approximately 40 feet away (wire length). I want to use it for an ethernet cable if possible. Pulling a Cat5E cable would be almost impossible to do given the circumstances. #2- How do I color code the terminals? Thanks, Darrel