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  1. ubizzy

    Hikvision DVR LAN trouble

    So do you think by disabling the Hikvision platform access I might solve the LAN issue? I don't really need it anymore since the Static IP method is way faster anyway.
  2. Hi everyone! So I recently dealt with a mobile app related issue that was dropping channel views on Hik-Connect. You can view it here: if interested but long story short: Old 2mp and new 5mp DVRs randomly lost certain channel streams when viewing remotely. Upgraded to gigabit internet and eventually solved problem by switching to ivms mobile app. Then I started noticing a new problem where every so often, the DVR completely loses LAN connection every 5 to 10 minutes causing stream loss on ALL channels. I haven't been back to the store to see what's happening at the DVR, but when I remote into one of the computers and run a continuous Ping test to the DVR's IP address, I see it fails right when we lose video feed. I plan to head to the store in the morning to try and fix the problem. I have already rebooted the modem and DVR remotely to no avail. I'll continue tomorrow on site with an ethernet cable test and maybe a factory restore. Does anyone have any experience with a problem like this? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Just thought I'd give everyone a quick update to help anyone else that might run into this issue in the future. I ended up using port forwarding and the the modem's static IP to connect and Hik-Connect started working way faster but eventually the issue came back. I switched to IVMS and it is way better. Even when using the Hikvision cloud server, the picture on the cameras always eventually loads (although much slower than when using the static ip). A new issue has come to my attention by the staff working at the store. It seems that now the DVR loses LAN connection every 5 or 10 minutes. This wasn't happening on the old 2mp DVR (although the mobile app problem was happening back then). It appears something is up with the new DVR's LAN card or the modem. I'll be posting a new thread for this new issue but just thought I'd update the Hik-Connect thread in hopes of helping others. Thanks again for your help tomcctv!
  4. That's an interesting point. I noticed that the all the DVR's I have purchased from the wholesaler (including the one in question) default to litedev.us.hik-connect.com in the "platform access" section under advanced network settings. Upon googling the servers, it seems Hikvision instructs people to use dev.us.hik-connect.com (same thing but without the "lite"). Can't seem to find any info about the difference but I wonder if the "lite" one is a lower bandwidth server for wholesaler DVRs. I'm going to try to change it to the other server later on and if that doesn't work, I'll set it up to use my modem's static IP and connect to it that way. This should at least confirm the bottleneck server theory. I've never used ezviz but I'll switch to it if need be. I just love hik-connect (when it works right) so I'm gonna try to make it work first. Thanks for the pointers! I'll update the post after further troubleshooting.
  5. Hi tomcctv, On the local network I actually have 2 computers accessing the cameras (a mac mini accessing via web browser and a windows 10 machine accessing via IVMS desktop app) and an iPad accessing via hik-connect. They all use the local IP address since they're on the same network and none have the same problem I described. I have tried closing the browser and apps to see if that fixes the remote view issue and it does not.
  6. Hi ya'll,I have a 16 channel analog 5MP Hikvision DVR. Most of the cameras are non HD. 4 of them are 2MP and 1 is 5MP. Even before installing the 5MP camera (on my previous 2MP Hikvision DVR), some of the cameras have trouble loading on the mobile app (Hik-connect and ivms-4500). They will either show the load spinning circle indefinitely or just stay black. I'll have to full screen that camera and back out again to force all the channels to refresh. Sometimes, that doesn't even work and I'll have to full screen the camera and toggle between HD/Basic to make it load. There are times where this will fix one camera, but make another one fail.So far I've: Re adding the DVR to the Hik-connect account Made sure substream is the default stream on all channels Enabled H265+ Made sure we have enough bandwidth (speed tests show we have 15Mbps upload and the DVR shows a max of 11Mbps Network usage when I open the 16 Channel view) Upgraded to gigabit speed from Comcast I'm wondering if anyone out there has experienced this and knows a tweak or workaround. I don't mind waiting for the cameras to load in the 16 channel view, but having some channels not load at all is a real pain in the neck. I thought the problem might be the internet speed tapping out and the Hikvision DVR doesn't have a good auto retry protocol built into the software. I can't call Hikvision support since I purchased the DVR from a wholesaler. The tech support guy at the wholesaler isn't sure what's causing it but believes it may be bandwidth related. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated