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Hikvision DVR LAN trouble

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Hi everyone!

So I recently dealt with a mobile app related issue that was dropping channel views on Hik-Connect.  You can view it here: if interested but long story short: 

Old 2mp and new 5mp DVRs randomly lost certain channel streams when viewing remotely.  Upgraded to gigabit internet and eventually solved problem by switching to ivms mobile app.

Then I started noticing a new problem where every so often, the DVR completely loses LAN connection every 5 to 10 minutes causing stream loss on ALL channels.  I haven't been back to the store to see what's happening at the DVR, but when I remote into one of the computers and run a continuous Ping test to the DVR's IP address, I see it fails right when we lose video feed.

I plan to head to the store in the morning to try and fix the problem.  I have already rebooted the modem and DVR remotely to no avail.  I'll continue tomorrow on site with an ethernet cable test and maybe a factory restore.  

Does anyone have any experience with a problem like this?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi.  In your other post you said about doing port forwarding..... this is ok but hikvision units also reconnect to the server without you knowing.  

I hate hikvision .... never used there recorders in over 10 years for the way recorders send out a connect signal that owners don’t know about


so now your using static ip .... which is good but now you have two connections working 

your static to connect and also hik DNS connect

one you might find on your router is this is hik going out ..... I know from follow test is goes via 4 countries and six servers ending up in Singapore 


I will send you instructions on how to check the dns output from your recorder .... I will then check the ip to see where your traffic is going 

but you might find you have a conflict ...... hik-connect and hikvision dns (P2P)


with new laws companies must tell you about your data being used..... to find this info go to the App Store and type in hik-connect...... as of this month if hik does not display this information apple would of delete the app

so now you will see the terms of contract with hik....... it’s still a worry 


what ever happened to buying something and owning it...... allowing people’s data to go anywhere 


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So do you think by disabling the Hikvision platform access I might solve the LAN issue?  I don't really need it anymore since the Static IP method is way faster anyway.

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