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  1. We have an in-house IT expert that commissions our networks on our sites. He assures me that there are no firewall rules or closed ports within the VLANs. The only restriction is the principle of the VLANs themselves that are blocked from each other. is there something particular with a VLAN setup that would stop the Avigilon server connecting the Stream until a seemingly insignificant setting (connection type WAN/LAN) is toggled? The stream does also reconnect when the Avigilon services are restarted but we temporarily lose all images when doing that.
  2. Separate single network for CCTV and ACS which are on different VLANs
  3. It may not be the case here, but on some systems I’ve seen, where I’ve replaced a camera on NVR with motion recording. The motion recording setting on the camera webpage setup has had to be enabled as well as the NVR setting before it will record on motion
  4. Hello,I have an issue with my Avigilon ACC7 ( server software where certain Avigilon cameras (which aren’t unique models or firmware versions to this system) fail to reconnect after a power cut. The cameras can be pinged and web browsed into whilst they remain as blue screens noting ‘error’. I’ve found that toggling the connection type in the ‘camera connect/disconnect’ section of the ACC setup from LAN to WAN then back to LAN then re establishes a connection to the problem cameras which then come back online.Avigilon tech support say that it’s network related and to check UDP ports are open on switches. I don’t see how this can be the case as these cameras span across multiple switches, can be web browsed into fine and reconnect fine once connection type is toggled so I can’t see UDP ports being closed as they wouldn’t come back online?Has anyone come accross anything similar?