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  1. I realize this is very old thread. I have same issue with that camera and Im trying to figure out what the IP addy is. Does the NVR statically assign them to the cameras or are these cameras set to DHCP? Thanks ***disregard, the camera is not responding, not an IP issue
  2. I realize this is an old post. I do data recovery professionally and if interested shoot me a PM.
  3. dopalgangr

    Flashing IR lights on IPC-HFW3300C

    I did this and it worked for a little while but they are doing it again. I wish Dahua would send out the proper shrouds for that U1 sensor. I remember many years ago I purchased cheap cameras and they had a lot of IR backwash. I wrote the company and they sent out the shrouds that had a peel off tape to adhere them to the PCB. They worked on that great but the ones I made for the Dahua not so good. maybe they have shrunk from the heat and I need to redo them? Either way a total PITA. Good luck
  4. What NVR are you using with them? Do all of the cameras do this? Does it do it if your viewing them live too or just during playback?
  5. dopalgangr

    Dahua HFW3300C IR issue

    Solved!! Make a shroud for the U1 sensor.
  6. As Boogieman tried to point out, use any Outdoor IP camera with Powerline adapters (these provide network transmission over the electric lines). That setup will be the best video quality. Or get this and figure it out http://www.walmart.com/ip/23744954?wmlspartner=wmtlabs&adid=22222222222017595058&veh=sem
  7. Don't know if it helps but you can still use IE in windows 10 with active X. Just don't use the Microsoft Edge crap. Open you window in Edge the click the drop down and select open in IE. Then I just made a shortcut for IE on my desktop and it works fine.
  8. Hey Bruce, It would be easier to answer your question if we knew what brand/model camera and what weather software your using. Thanks.
  9. dopalgangr

    Setting up FTP on Dahua

    Thanks Euly, I did try that and it didn't work either. I also have a Drobo-FS NAS but utilizing that option unfortunately ended with the same results. Thanks for all the help though.
  10. dopalgangr

    Setting up FTP on Dahua

    still no worky, bump for help
  11. dopalgangr

    DAHUA Recording to FTP Server

    Did you ever figure this out? I have been trying to do the same on a Netgear with ReadyShare both as FTP and as a NAS with no luck. See this post here viewtopic.php?f=19&t=47658&p=277738&hilit=dahua+NAS#p277738
  12. dopalgangr

    Setting up FTP on Dahua

    Silly question, is the username and pwd where you have cam1 in the dahua screen shot the cameras username and pwd or the FTP username and pwd? and does the remote directory need to already exist on the share or is the camera gonna create it the first time it save info there?
  13. dopalgangr

    Setting up FTP on Dahua

    Thanks Euly, I just realized that the damn router was allowing outside access?? I would have thought it was just on my local network(should have know with the public ip). removed the one picture I'm guessing you are editing that last post while I'm looking at it, seems like every time I refresh the page something new come up
  14. dopalgangr

    Setting up FTP on Dahua

    Hmm, thanks for the response, still no luck. I've tried it with and without passwords. Has anyone ever set it up with a nas or ftp using the netgear ready share option?
  15. I have both the Dahua 3300c and the 4300s cameras and have seen where people have used the cameras web interface to set up a FTP share and save the video on motion to that share. I have a router on the same network that allows you to attach a USB3 external hard drive and it makes it available on the network via a network, HTTP and FTP share. Below are pictures of the router page and the Dahua page, I have tried every combination and no luck. I must not be doing something correctly. If someone could help me through it I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.