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  1. Hi As the title states, i'd like to know how toclose my account. Cheers.
  2. SolveitUK

    OYNX DVR Password Reset Help..

    Good god, not 1 answer. " First thing's first, nice to meet you all." IS ANYONE actually still using this forum.?
  3. Hi Guys and Gals, First thing's first, nice to meet you all. my name is carl, aged 50 and i install cctv quite a bit due to being an ex network engineer and with that i find installing cctv a doddle. I rencently sold a Qvis 4 channel box and on doing so the guy asked can i fix getting into his menu due to him forgetting the password. NO was my answer lol how ever i see something within this forum i read about getting a password for a day to get you into the machine.? Can anyone help because i am only trying to do him a favour so he doesnt have to sling it out so not charging him myself. Thank you in advance for any help. I'm always choka busy and will check back asap to see if theres any solution. Gracias