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  1. Web sites are basically just folders of files, what it is showing you is a folder with what looks like no files. But without a make and model its hard to know what you should be seeing. Also you would need to confirm how you know its that ip address and you aren't connecting to something else in the house.
  2. I'm curious, why are you using a TP wifi extender, why not just use a TPlink powerline adpater for connecting to the ethernet port on the DVR in the attic and the ethernet port on the back of your home ISP router downstairs?
  3. Just to add for others whom may stumble across this post. 4G/5G Mobile/Cellular operators use one of three methods to provide you with an Public IP address. 1. Static IP on your router (you can set up port forwards with this type) 2. Dynamic Public IP on your router (you need dynamic DNS or some other method to know the current IP, but port forwards can be gotten to work) 3. Carrier NAT (CGNAT) your public IP sits in the carriers core network, you can't use port forwards. I have uploaded an image below to illustrate this. For these you need VPNs etc. (Sorry Blatant sales pitch: check out Netcelero.com) Also at time of posting STARLINK is CGNAT.