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Found 11 results

  1. Hello everyone, Not long ago I bough security cameras, I did everything that the manual was saying connected them to an application and when I tried log in from a PC with an IP address I can only see a blank HTML file with nothing on in ( by nothing I mean no log in form). In this topic I will also include the screenshots that i got from the IP address website. If someone knows a solution I will be very thankful.
  2. Hello everyone. Noob here?… and also new to the forum, so I Apologize if I created this topic in the wrong place. I need help figuring out a system that fits our needs. I’m helping/volunteering to install a cctv camera system in our church. The place has two assembly halls with an Audio/Video team in both sides. We want to install one security system for the entire building and have it controlled/viewed by both A\V teams separately. I know That there is the option to hook up two monitors but I’m assuming that it would just Mirror on both sides?So if one side zooms into a camera, the other side will see that too. We want each side to have their own separate control of the system. Is that even possible? Or can there only be one side controlling the cameras and the other side just have the mirrored display? if this is possible, is there specific systems we should be looking at? For example IP cameras? Thanks!
  3. nickwisconsin

    Upgrade coax system to HD, or run cat5e?

    I have a 8-9 year old low resolution analog wirepath surveillance 8 channel. When my house was built I asked the guys to hardwire cat5e alongside the RG59, for future flexibility but they did not and the drywall went up. They chalked it up to miscommunication. I want to upgrade from the analog which is basically horrible image quality and I am debating the HD over coaxial (such as hikvision) vs. IP systems over cat5e. The problem is the house design will make rewiring with cat5e pretty tough but doable. I would be replacing the HD recorder and all cameras regardless of the upgrade path. Does anyone have a strong opinion or experience either way? Any recommendations for specific products? I would be self installing, Thanks.
  4. Hi all. I have come here for help. I installed an 8 camera Lorex (Costco) system in my own home. The CAT6 cabling was hung prior to sheet rock in our new build home by the builder's sub. Visually, it looked fine. The result is that I had six of eight cameras go live without a hitch. Two won't work despite every conceivable thing I have tried. Let me explain. First, I am not claiming to be an expert, but I am A+ and Network+ certified and have wired many, many networks over the past 20 years. That being said, I will focus on the two cameras that do not work. If I plug a camera in directly (bypassing the in-house cable runs), the cameras work fine. I have jumpered in a 100ft cable directly from the NVR to the cameras. They both work perfectly this way. So... pretty simply, it's the cable or terminations, right? Here's what I have checked. Cable length (TDR) is about correct (90 feet is the longest cable). Continuity is good. Wire-mapping is correct. POE matches other cables that work, Patch panel and patch cables are good. I have rewired everything on both ends (including wiring the cable onto a different patch panel port) twice now and it always comes up the same. I have checked meter readings from both ends - all match. Meter shows no shorts, no crossovers, no split pairs. I really want to figure this out. It makes absolutely no sense to me. These cameras "should" work, but don't. I have never seen a problem like this that couldn't be diagnosed. Besides, I paid a lot of money to have this place wired and if I can prove the installer did something wrong, I can take it back to him. The roofline on my house makes it darn near impossible to pull new cable without significant expense and labor. What is going on with my cables??? I'm stumped. Please, any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. Dave in Trinity
  5. Can I add my HD DVR to new 4K Swann NVR as camera feed? Is this possible?
  6. Hi, I have been looking for a way to wirelessly transmit video signal from a traditional IP camera. I have used bridge systems, but have mixed opinions. What about transmitting 1-2 cameras from a light pole to a building that is 100-200 feet away? Would a WiFi range extender work, other than they are half duplex? Is there a cheap WiFi balun or adapter that can connect the cameras to a dedicated WiFi network? Sorry if this is a redundant topic/post, just point me to the right direction. I guess I need the “keywords” of what I am looking for and can only describe!
  7. Hi, I have a Hikvision 7608 NVR and I would like to record remote cameras over the internet. I tried first to connect one camera but thje NVR does not connect. I am using an Asus RT-N18 as router and I forwarded port 8000 from the camera IP to port 8000 form internet. The site https://canyouseeme.org/ reports that the destination IP port is open in the internet. Also telnet to port 8000 is connecting on the destination IP address. The configuration on the NVR is to connect to the destination IP on port 8000 with admin user and password and Hikvision protocol it does not connect. Camera model is Wireless Cube IP Hikvision DS-2CD2423G0-I(W) I tried to forward ports one by one in order to connect to the camera but without sucess. Another question in the same context is what ports should I forward in order to access the NVR from internet. Any help is appreciated, I am looking forward for your feedback. Best regards, Daniel
  8. Hello All, I could use some advice before I take this project on if it’s even possible. My client has a HikVision (model ds-7216HGHI-SH) DVR. They need two coax cameras fixed that are about 4000+ feet from the country club house for a golf course. They initially had a direct fiber run from the club house but the fiber broke somewhere underground. I wouldn't be able to fix that because it was a direct bury and the layout of the course now. They have a little tennis house around 2000 feet away from where the cameras are located. In that tennis house is a switch and fiber optic cable (see pic) that was trenched from the country club network to tennis house. What I wanted to know is this even possible? My installment thought processes is: 1. Convert the two coax cameras to fiber optic cable OR 1a. Convert the two coax to IP then to fiber. Not sure if you could even convert coax to fiber. Category to fiber yes. 2. Run fiber to the tennis building 3. Convert fiber to Ethernet Cat 6 4. Install Cat 6 into an open port on the switch that runs back to the country club network. 5. Come out of switch in country club network and convert it to coax and into the HikVision DVR The known… Might need to put power on the pool where the cameras are and a waterproof box to store the conversion stuff. I can’t fix the old fiber because they don’t want to. I can’t use repeater to boost signal as wire will be buried Concerns I have… It sounds like it could work but have doubts. Can I take Analog to digital and back and have it work. Can anyone with experience with something like this provide advice. Do you think this would work? Thanks for your suggestions and help, Frank G.
  9. Hello Does anyone offer original Dahua IP Cameras? If installation service is available, that will be better. can you pls leave your contact info ? Thanks
  10. Dear, I have a Crasher where a software company has provided software to record mining work and as now they need to be installed 2 cameras to take pictures of Truck one of number plate and second of under Truc to get pictures what is in it, Software company said that he need 2 cameras with 2 different IP and told me to buy CP Plus UNC Series Orange Colour 2 MP camera and POE switch, Can you please help me is it possible with these 2 things if yes how it's possible.
  11. Hello! In this topic I would like to share my impressions of the wireless camera. Perhaps my review will be useful. This is a simple device for solving not complicated tasks. I bought this camera to install near to the entrance door and see what happens there. I chose and watched various devices for a long time, expensive and cheap. From the very beginning I was not sure which camera I needed. Therefore, to experiment purchased a wireless camera on Amazon. I decided not to buy the cheapest device and focused on the reviews and their number. The requirements were as follows: - wifi connection - write to USB flash drive - ability to connect to the registrar if required - metal case - night lights - easy setup and installation SPECS: Sensor: 1/3 "SC1235 CMOS Processor: HiSilicon Hi3518Ev200 Minimum level of illumination: 0.1 Lux @ (F2.0, AGC ON), 0.01 Lux with IR Frame rate: 15 fps (main stream) Lens: 3.6mm Compression Format: H.264 IR LED: 24 LEDs IR illumination range: 20m Power supply: DC12V, 1A Temperature range: -20 - 80 С Protection Level: IP66 Body Material: Metal Viewing angle (according to the formula a = 2arctg (d / 2f)): 74 degrees Wired interface: 1 RJ45 10 m / 100 m Wireless Interface: Realtek RTL8188ETV (802.11bgn) Equipment: - ip-camera; - power supply 12V / 1A (length 3 meters); - removable wifi antenna; - mounting kit with a template and hex; - UTP cat5e 4x2 AWG24 patch cord (1 meter long). Below you can see a compartment for installing a microSD flash card. The compartment is closed with a lid on two screws. Swivel bracket, I would say classic. The camera can be rotated at different angles and fixed as needed. A black overlay is attached to the visor to prevent stray light from the IR LEDs. Personally, I would prefer a black paint spraying, instead of a visor, which over time can fall off and it happens. Wiring harness is very standard for such devices: RJ45 8p8c jack, DC12V power jack and camera reset button. To reset the settings, it is enough to apply power to the camera, wait until it is fully turned on and hold the button down for 5 seconds. SOFTWARE Remote access to the camera works thanks to p2p technology. For connection to a camera from a PC on Windows, the manufacturer offers the program AVSS PC client. The process of adding a camera is the same as in the CMS application, however AVSS immediately finds the camera via the media port, and in the CMS you need to add the camera manually. Finally, the last application you need to say is mobile. ZOSI is betting on it as an easy and effective way to interact with the camera. We need the program Zosi Smart App. The name is the same in both app stores for known platforms. I tested it for android. The process of adding a camera is very simple and is described in detail in the instructions. To be able to view remotely, not from the home LAN, you need to register, however, the confirmation code may not arrive in the mail the first time. I came at the second attempt. After searching and adding a camera, the program requires you to change the standard password to your own and we get to the main window VIDEO QUALITY Image quality is expected for a camera whose resolution is still closer to 1Mp. There are not enough stars from the sky, which means that the range of tasks for such a device will be more than trivial, for example, overview functions: materials brought to your object or not yet, whether your employee went to work or not, is your shovel at the fence or is it up your neighbor, watching an older man / child. In general, the simplest household tasks without frills and claims for serious video surveillance. PROS AND CONS + wifi + write to USB flash drive + onvif support, which means that a ip camera can connect to any NVR + long power cord + looks serious, the neighbor is jealous. - no poe - clumsy mobile software - there is no web interface These and other photos you can see at google drive Made a simple video with day and night shooting I will also answer your questions about the camera.