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  1. Hi Everyone, I have a OYN-X Trio NVR IP AHD 960H 16Chn (Model NITRO-TRI-16BB) with a HiSilicon Hi3521a Part Number on the board is AHB70XXt16-3521A V1.03 Manufacture date looks to be 18 Feb 2016 I've tried every password reset tool i can find on the internet, (SuperPassword Generators 1 to 4 for HiSilicon plus loads of others) But i don't think i've found the right one, There are others on here, that have posted passwords for other users, (for older dates) and when i try replicate them with all the password generators i found, they don't match up so i don't think i've come across the right one just yet. Could someone point me in the right direction or send me over a Code for whatever date you post it please? (and maybe the following date, just in case :-P) Thanks,
  2. Hi All, Have a situation where the admin password doesn't work on the local screen, but works fine from Web pages, Date is correct on the device so would someone mind sending me an admin password over please? (For whatever date you send it) Thanks,