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  1. You need a VMS. There are many to choose from, but I made this one: https://monoclesecurity.com and it's free to try for up to 4 cameras.
  2. monoclesecurity.com is free up to 4 cameras and can record natively for h264, h265, mjpeg, mpeg4 and others. It's also extremely efficient and can record hundreds of cameras on cheap hardware.
  3. monoclechris

    Linux app to record IP camera feeds as mp4/avi on demand

    Find a VMS that records and exposes that recording stream over RTSP playback, then use FFMPEG to grab it and write it to a file over the selected period. I *think* the FFMPEG cli is capable of this, but not 100% sure. I can recommend my own VMS from Monocle Security for this, because it support this feature, but you will have to pay for an additional 4 cameras, there may be others that are free up to 8. If FFMPEG isn't capable of doing what you need, I can modify the monocle command line interface to include your requirements.
  4. monoclechris

    Monocle Security

    Hi, I created Monocle Security, a company that makes a variety of CCTV related software, including a VMS. It's free for up to 4 cameras and I'm interested in finding home and commercial users alike to give it a go.
  5. monoclechris

    Private System

    Try Monocle Security, it's my company and sounds like it might fit your requirements.