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  1. I have resolved this dilemma. the instructions and even instructional video says to create a shared folder for the camera on the NAS Well the solution for me was to create a separate volume on the NAS just for the camera. the Buffalo LS210 does not have this feature but I do have access to a TS3220 so I created a volume on that NAS and Voilà! it worked.. I took it a step further and backed up the LS210 and reformatted it for the sole use of the camera and it works, but I don't need that much space for one camera. It appears the software needs to have access to the entire drive at once. so for me anyways it appears that the NAS should support LVM or some other partitioning software and each camera would need it own volume on that NAS not just a shared folder. From the Cameras point of view it has a dedicated drive just for its sole purpose. Attached image shows the result, HDD no.9 is a shared folder just for the camera and HDD no.10 is a separate volume for the camera. My conclusion is it can be done with a NAS however with the cost of Micro-SD cards coming down so low it is so much cheaper to buy a 128G Micro SD for 20 dollars for each camera and call it good. I hope this info helps someone else in their future endeavors
  2. I have tried over and again on two different Cameras and they both act the same.. What I am attempting to achieve is for my Camera to record directly to a NAS ( Buffalo Linkstation 210 ) as I dont want to run a dvr or the IVMS software suite on my PC 7/24 I setup my NAS as SMB but it is open to even anonymous W/R access I configure the Camera's Storage management NET HDD with my login parameters and test successfully. I then Format the HDD using the Camera's HDD Management tab. it seems to succeed and for awhile it is online and in NORMAL state if I log out and back in again it seems to change back to Uninitialized. I have a youtube video if you would like to see... It shows the NAS on the left and the cameras webpage on the right NAS Status wont stay Initialized Video Link Any help would be appreciated