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  1. Thanks. I’ll see if the cameras can be changed to h264. I have plenty of space on my drives so compression isn’t an issue. What VMS do others use?
  2. Ok, I’m not sure if I posted this thread in the wrong spot or what but maybe I could broaden the (non existent) conversation by asking what software others use and what they like or don’t like about it and how much CPU usage it takes while recording? TIA
  3. Hi folks, I've searched on here for quite some time but not found a thread that answers my question so I have started a new thread. I have 4 Hikvision IP cameras running through a POE switch and back to my computer - all good and working. It is a system just for my house. The PC is not used for daily stuff, so was the easiest thing to use for this but I do use it for other things from time to time. At the moment I'm just using the iVMS system from Hikvision - it works, but is basic and I have been looking for other options. I've tried a few but the ones I have tried all encode the video streams as they record and hammer the CPU while doing so and are not viable because of this as I can't do anything else with the PC when it's running like this so I've always gone back to the Hikvision software. So, a simple question hopefully - what software can I use that just records the streams raw data? While remote functionality would be nice, this is not vital. An easy to use playback function would be beneficial as the current system just records 1/2 hour lumps of data at the moment I have to wade through if needed. Happy to pay for a reasonable system. Any ideas please? TIA - Snoops.