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  1. Sdogeinnarg

    Is this as simple as a broken camera?

    Rightio, thanks a lot for these steps, really appreciate it. I'll have a crack at it when I have some time on my hands. We're in West Yorkshire ?
  2. Sdogeinnarg

    Is this as simple as a broken camera?

    Thanks for the feedback! Right that would make more sense - I would be suprised if the camera was playing up so quickly! Yes it is pretty accessible, a few steps up a ladder and I can access it. What would you suggest in this case?
  3. Hello all, First time posting here and I'm certainly no expert, I'm just looking for some quick advice. We had a four camera system installed a little over 18 months ago and one of the cameras seems to be playing up. Can anyone first confirm whether it is certainly a hardware issue from the picture below (this poor quality image only comes on intermittently, then it goes to a black screen of no signal)? in which case, would it be a case of a replacement needed? Following this, would anyone be able to suggest where I could find a matching replacement? (I'm in the U.K.) The company we used would charge £300 for a new camera, plus probably about £125 - £200 to fit it - which all in all, I feel is pretty steep. If I can't find an exact match, I'm guessing I can mix and match something with pretty much the same spec? Thanks a lot for any help in advance!