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  1. nickwisconsin

    Recommendations for 4k CCTV over coaxial

  2. nickwisconsin

    Recommendations for 4k CCTV over coaxial

    Replacing current 8 camera system. Cable already in place. Will just need cameras and DVR. Been looking at Hikvision and Speco but open to ideas. Will be self installing. No budget constraints. USA. Thanks.
  3. nickwisconsin

    Upgrade coax system to HD, or run cat5e?

    Thanks for the reply. I have 8 cameras, but if I went to 4K I would likely only need 6 with the wider field of view. They are all outside. I could always add a few more to basement and garage, so at least 8, but option for a few more is fine. No budget in mind. I see cameras from $200 - $5000 each. My guess is on the lower vs higher end of scale. This is for home use. The main goal is deterrent but would be nice to be able to see faces and read license plates if something sketchy happens.
  4. nickwisconsin

    Upgrade coax system to HD, or run cat5e?

    I have a 8-9 year old low resolution analog wirepath surveillance 8 channel. When my house was built I asked the guys to hardwire cat5e alongside the RG59, for future flexibility but they did not and the drywall went up. They chalked it up to miscommunication. I want to upgrade from the analog which is basically horrible image quality and I am debating the HD over coaxial (such as hikvision) vs. IP systems over cat5e. The problem is the house design will make rewiring with cat5e pretty tough but doable. I would be replacing the HD recorder and all cameras regardless of the upgrade path. Does anyone have a strong opinion or experience either way? Any recommendations for specific products? I would be self installing, Thanks.