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  1. Howdy, I am currently using PYSOFT's ACTIVE WEBCAM on a Windows XP PC that is connect to 3 cameras via some inexpensive video cards. I am looking to change from the PC Based DVR solution to a standalone DVR that is dedicated to the task. Here is how we use it currently: Records 1fpm 24 hours a day without motion Records 1fps when motion is detected in the user-defined field When motion detection is detected 3 images are sent via email to us Uploads a frame of video 12 times/hour via FTP to our ISP and then we display that on a web page. Only thing we are really missing from an ideal situation is the ability the view the cameras in realtime. Ideally using no special codecs/software. Mostly using just Internet Explorer and/or a webpage for a mobile phone. Anytime I've started down this search before (previously looking for PC based software) the biggest hurdle I've encountered is the FTP'ing a frame of video to the ISP, but I would suspect that this could be worked around by being able to view the video realtime. We do have static IP address and can do the port fowarding in our DSL Modem/Router. So, any suggestions on Standalone DVR's and/or suppliers that people have had good luck with? I'm downloaded some manuals for some Q-see, LOREX, SWAN, and Avermedia. But one of the things is each one has several models, etc. And I'm not even sure where to get started.
  2. mantry

    Avermedia 3000 FTP question

    I've been evaluating the Avermedia 3000 by reading through the User's guide. One of the things that I am doing with my current software is FTP'ing a frame 12 times per hour to my ftp site so that I can display it on my webpage. This makes it quick to just go to that web page and see what the status of our driveway and the weather conditions are. I did not see anywhere in the manual where you could have it do this. Any idea if it is possible??? I see where if there is an Alarm and you can define motion as an alarm you can have it FTP images, but I want to do that even if there is NOT any motion. Thanks in advance...
  3. Howdy, I am wondering if there is an IP camera/video server that I could run a test with. I am using PYSOFT's Active webcam and have been having trouble finding a 4 port Video Grabber card that will work well with my setup. I was thinking of switching from a PCI Video Grabber card to a IP Video Server that I would plug my analog cameras into and then access them across my local LAN. My Lan is based on a 100mb switch so that should help with bandwith issues between the video server and the PC. So any ideas if there are some demo sites out there that would let me connect to their camera/video server to do a test with? The thing that concerns me is: A. Is this compatible with software based motion detection where you have to compare frame by frame to see if there has been any motion. B. If Pysoft's Active Webcam will connect to a IP webcam/video server. I know it advertises it will, but I would like to see it with my own eyes. Thanks in advance!!! Mark
  4. Howdy, I know that Active Webcam hasn't received very good reviews by some of the people on this forum, but I, myself like I think maybe more who have stumbled onto this forum, now own it and are trying to make it do the job. I purchased the DELUXE version ($89.00) several years ago and it has been preforming the tasks that I wanted for the most part. Here is how we use it: We have a house and a camer that is mounted on the eve of the roof that looks down the driveway. With this camera connected to a cheap 4 port (1 chip) video grabber card and running the Active Webcam software. The tasks that it performs is: Records 1 fpm 24 hours a day Starts a new file every day at midnight Uploads a frame of video 12 times/hour via FTP to our web hosting service so it can be displayed in a web page. Watches for motion in a masked off area of the camera and if it senses motion then it does the following: Switches to 1 fps recording Sends me an email with 3 frames of video Acts as a Webserver and we can either view live video from the camera or we can also playback recorded data. Granted this is all limited by performance of the CPU in the PC and data rates between the web browser and the PC in our home. The CONS: Here is where the problems start: If I try to use more than 1 camera then it throws the motion detection all off because my understanding is that on the cheap 1 chip video grabber card that I am using that it does a round robin sampling of each of the 4 ports. When it is doing this, there is a chance that it may catch part of a frame that contains part of camera 1 and part of camera 2. This is all fine and well unless you are trying to detect motion. Granted this will be treated as motion because the two frames are completely different from each other. What I would like to hear is from people that are using this software and if it is working well, to describe a little bit of how you are using it and how well it is working. Or if you are having problems with it what are the problems. I would specifically be interested in what video capture card you are using, how many cameras you are using, are you doing motion detection and other details. I would also be interested if anyone is using this with cameras connected to an IP Video server (Analog camera connected to a device that converts it to protocol that is accessible across the LAN) and if you are using motion detection with that IP server.(I'm a little suspicious if the comparing of one frame with another to detect motion across a network is a good idea or not.) Thanks again in advance. Please try to keep it constructive and informative. Don't just blast it and say "This software is the pits....Get a real DVR....". It was atractively priced for the application that I use it for, I bought it because I stumbled across it because it was at the time all the info I had. I wish I had came across this forum before I started down this road, there is a TON of knowledge available here. Again, THANKS!!!! Mark
  5. The problem with your Active Webcam and your 4 port video capture card is most likely due to the fact that the card only has 1 A to D chip on it, so it will round robin cycle through each port to grab a frame of video and then go to the next one I belive. The problem with AW is that if you are trying to do motion and you grab a frame that it has blended with a previous frame AW will figure this was motion. Scorpion, I tried to send you a PM asking about your 4 port cards but I do not have enough posts to do a PM, could you send me some more info. I'm not sure when I'm going to head next with my AW - Cheap 4 port card. Not sure to try a new card that has 1 chip for each video port, a higher end card like the Geovision ones that have been suggested else where or maybe try a Analag Video to IP type server and then access the cameras via IP from AW, but that makes me a little nervous. Thanks for the help in advance.
  6. mantry

    Problem with Motion activating on no motion

    I thought I would chime in on this... I am using PYSOFT ACTIVE WEBCAM also and having the same problem. I am not sure if the problem is related to the software or the capture card or a combination of both. What type of card are you using? The ones that I have been trying have been 4 port cards that only have 1 chip(Bt878?) on them. The way the card handles 4 ports with only 1 chip is that it round robins looking at each camera port. So what I believe is happening is that one of the images you may get contains part of 1 frame and part of another. This normally is OK unless you are trying to do motion detection, then it thinks that you have had motion. I have tried adjusting the parameter "Drop x of frames when...." This causes the software to ignore a certain number of frames when the card switches from 1 source to another. I would guess that there is a sweet spot to this value that could depend on CPU speed, selected frame rates, etc. but I have not had a chance to play with it much. Did your problems happen when you added more than 1 camera to this card? Mine will do fine with motion as long as I only have 1 camera configured in the software. I'll be posting more details/questions in a seperate thread. Mark