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  1. Hello, After two years of Exacq support failing to resolve any of our issues, I am turning to the pros here who might have some ideas. We are using Exacq Enterprise for our VMS and one of the features is automatic failover to a backup server in case a recorder goes down. This rarely works properly at all. We have been trying to get the Exacq Enterprise System Manager (ESM) to function for better management of our large number of servers and cameras but it fails miserably. We have our groups setup properly and pointing to spare servers for failover, however 99/100 times, it will simply never failover even if it sees a server go offline. Through the ESM, there is no option we can find to manually fail it over either. In the rare event that it does failover properly, once the original recorder is restored, it is supposed to copy the footage from the backup to the original, and then return to "spare/backup" status. 100% if the time, it says "error" (nothing else) when trying to send the recordings back, and stays stuck as a backup for the already restored server. Anyone dealing with this? Does yours work?
  2. Howdy, After migrating from PicturePerfect to Lenel OnGuard, one function that it doesn't do (and we cannot understand how) is you will only get alarms if you are signed in when it triggers. I have asked numerous Lenel support folks about this and they seem confused why we would even want that which baffles me. Example, let's say I am not signed in and a building fire alarm triggers and is active. If I log in right after the alarm started, it will not be in my Alarm Monitor at all...even though it is an ACTIVE FIRE ALARM. I don't understand how other clients could use this and that not be a major issue. If I login, I expect to see all active alarms...not just what triggered WHEN I am logged in. Another example of how this is a problem, we used to have our monitoring station operators all have their own unique login. This way we could track who did what. However, let's say there a number of held door alarms active at change of shift...if user A signs out and new shift user B signs on....their alarm monitor won't show that any doors are held open. Seems terrible. Anyone else use OnGuard? How is this acceptable?
  3. RickyN

    Lenel Onguard

    I have had the same issue with all other report types within OnGuard and just gave up. We now query the SQL DB for raw data and then format to our needs.
  4. RickyN

    Lenel OnGuard Alarm Setup

    I suspect you need to create a new alarm for each device (assuming you want it to show the specific name of the device). Have the trigger event point to the new alarm and it should show up properly.