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  1. Hi...first I'm very noob at this DVR stuff as this is my first time. I got this DVR in my friend's restaurant which he bought last month and it was there from the beginning and belongs to the previous owner before. It is an 8-channel DVR. obviously, that DVR is password protected and I know neither the admin nor the master password plus found no tail of it on the web. Looking for some USB flash firmware (Official or custom) as I can't find any on the web. also, I don't know the system number as I can't login. Also, this DVR has no reset switch or shorting point/jumper inside the board. Here below are some backside and inside pictures of that DVR. As it has Hisilicon Hi3520 SoC so looking for some hope. One more thing, I checked via Nmap this has no telnet open so forget about that hack.