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  1. Brett.Erway

    Verint netDVR-ES

    Thank you for all your help!
  2. Brett.Erway

    Verint netDVR-ES

    Thank you for your reply. We are fairly new to the CCTV world and are unsure of what we should look for. What are some make/models of DVR should we look at and what should we avoid. I assume that we will eventually replace the cameras as well. Des it make sense to purchase as a package or buy separately.
  3. Brett.Erway

    Verint netDVR-ES

    Additional pictures
  4. Brett.Erway

    Verint netDVR-ES

    We recently moved into a commercial building with a Verint netDVR-ES device. It also using a MV16p Multivision Pro. The cameras are working in Live mode. We are wondering what our options are for upgrading the devices/cameras. I have not had any luck finding any documentation on-line.