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We recently moved into a commercial building with a Verint netDVR-ES device. It also using a MV16p Multivision Pro. The cameras are working in Live mode. We are wondering what our options are for upgrading the devices/cameras. I have not had any luck finding any documentation on-line.


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Hi. The good news is you still have working cameras 


that is an old system … a move up from VHS tape

the age of that system would surgest  it has had some replacement cameras at some stage over its life time

your option is to change the dvr only which means all 16 coax cables going into the recorder you keep and all other equipment you remove as not needed for todays dvr

you will also have the expense of buying a new monitor/tv

but all I very quick swap out 

as for cameras they will still work but you can also can replace them for HD analog as and when you need too

you will be looking at a replacement DVR 5 in 1 unit 


what is your budget

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Thank you for your reply. We are fairly new to the CCTV world and are unsure of what we should look for. What are some make/models of DVR should we look at and what should we avoid. I assume that we will eventually replace the cameras as well. Des it make sense to purchase as a package or buy separately.

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Hi   There is no need to buy packages ….. they do get over priced


something like this below is all you need …. Will run your existing cameras for you to get started

and then you can change cameras for HD when you need to

this unit uses one of the best apps for remote viewing and full control of recorder from anywhere…. You can even download footage direct from any device




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