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  1. Avinitlarge

    Advise on hikvision ptz-n2204i/PTZ-n2404i with a dvr-208g

    It’s a 8 channel home install. I will be upgrading to IP in 18-24 months, funds are tied up elsewhere at the moment.
  2. Will a hikvision ptz-n2204i or PTZ-n2404i work with a dvr-208g?My thought was to connect the PTZ to my network then use the IP settings in the DVR to connect the camera. Seeing as the DVR is capable of a 5mp IP camera, I was hoping to use the PTZ-N2404I Thanks Had 2 replied from other sources but always open to other suggestions.If you want to use in the same network then it will detect by your DVR.The 8CH hilook DVR supports up to 2x IP camera. We usually do not recommend to end users due to lack of networking skill.Dear customerThanks for the email. Yes, the camera resolution is 2MP, the recorder can take 2x IP cameras up to 5MP. However, before buying any product please discuss your installation project with your seller so that they better assist you.
  3. Avinitlarge


    Hi Im from currently red hot Yorkshire in the UK, hoping this is the place for some good advice.