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  1. Currently I am using multiple licenses of BlueIris professional PC-VMS
  2. I have a pc setup with 6 working monitoring over 2 nvidia graphic cards, they work perfect. I have been running my cams off of blueiris over the multple sites. My BI servers are at a different location and they seem to work fine. Issue is that for BI i need static IP on my site internets, which has now become an issue with my provider, having very limited options in Canada, I have to go with a provider that does not provide static IP, which is why I am now looking at P2P NVR solutions that have a software with the tabs options such as Lorex. Commercial applications average of 4-15 cameras /location remote internet on each location (no more static IP) looming at options with reasonable budgets
  3. I am looking to set up multiple NVRs (can’t use BlueIris because I don’t want to deal with port forwarding every time). I would like some recommendations on an NVR that’s software let’s you open multiple tabs on one computer while live streaming multiple sites. I will have 6 monitors on one PC and would like to have 6 tabs open with different NVRs on the same PC. i have used Lorex and their software is exactly what I need but their equipment is pretty expensive, especially adds up when buying like 10 NVRs at a time. Also, it needs to support Onvif cameras. Thank you in advance!