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Found 25 results

  1. I have poe switch 8 port, 4 camera working and 4 unv ip camera show red light continously also not working. IN our POE switch power and data light showing but in nvr it does not working it show network disconnected. when i directly connected UNV POE switch to my laptop it show only 4 camera out of 8 in EZ station UNV software . I have changed rj45 connector and test lab cable pair ok, also change camera but it not working and show red light continuously on . please tell me what is the problem and give me solution
  2. Hudz63reNVRperformance


    Hi folks, I'm new to this forum but have been watching from the back seats for a while. G'day. Now the time has come to introduce myself. I'm seeking to chat with users of SANNCE NVRs in particular, regarding the NVR performance and tendancy to suddenly randomly stop working. Sannce NVR randomly stopped working at a critical time when a crime was carried out. The crime is now a legal matter and the performance of the CCTV system is an important part of the case (that is; it is suspiscious that the NVR stopped working when the crime occurred). So, I'm seeking details of actual Sannce NVR performance dropouts that may be certain/clear enough to be used in court. Ultimately it would help if I could meet/find a CCTV Expert in this field who would be prepared to make a statement to be presented in an Australian Law Court. A qualifying expert person would need to be more than just a CCTV user; but (non-expert) user testimony would add to the defence claim the system just crashed. Conditions do apply to represent as an Expert Witness. Any $ costs would be covered. I am open to discuss the case details further, with those who respond to this initial enquiry. Kind regards
  3. Hello, Currently, we have 5 webcam modules, connected to an rtsp server on a pc, which is then accessed by a Dahua NVR. The NVR also speaks to about 20 other IP cameras. Everything with the webcams, seems a bit dodgy to me, and unprofessional. So i guess my question is, what's the best way to hook up multiple small cameras, to a camera server? and does anyone know of software that. when triggered, will record a small portion of video, and save it to a folder? or is this something I should be doing on ffmpeg? Thanks! Brad For context, we are watching a science experiment live, with lots of dark spaces and intricate places to get cameras, our current webcam modules are in 3d printed cases. We struggle because the PC doesn't always handle 5/6 cameras at the same time well and then the server struggles to take so much data too. We are about to add 8 more cameras to the system and want to see if the current solution is a bad decision.
  4. Hello, I use IndigoVision Control Center v13.2 and have 10 x mostly old IndigoVision IP cameras, and an IndigoVision AS4000 Compact NVR (just 1TB) all working fine at home. Most of the cameras were produced under their old licensing scheme, and have 'E' (Enterprise level) keys - so Control Center records them fine at full frame-rate. However, one of the cameras is of their newer licensing generation, and Control Center will only allow one of the new gen cameras to be recorded at a time. I have more IndigoVision new gen cameras gathering dust and would like to find a way to use them to replace some of my older cameras. If I add them to Control Center, I will not be allowed to record. Is there a way I can use a third party NVR, such as Duhua, to record them but still use Control Center for monitoring and playback?
  5. I am trying to set up FTP backup on a Dahua NVR2116-I, but the FTP section seems to be missing. Does anyone know how to enable the FTP feature on this model? Or is it not available? Attached screenshot of what I'm searching for. The whole FTP option is missing. I tried contacting the reseller, but he can't figure it out. Much thanks! (First time on the forum, here. I didn't find a thread about this topic, but please feel free to re-direct me if the post is in the wrong place or if it's been addressed before.)
  6. I am new to cctv, making changes for last 10 days but every time a new problem arises. right now I am facing an issue which is my nvr records a video in approx 1 min or 30s files. set to motion recording, if there is an ongoing motion of 2 mins the recorded video in 1st file is good but, in second video the recording is not starting just after it finished after a first video there is a gap of 4-6s. following is my Devices pls guide me to achieve best settings. I am from India. Camera Specifications Hikvision 2MP POE Bullet Camera Max. Resolution :1920 × 1080 Shutter Time :1/3 s to 1/100, 000 s Main Stream : 50 Hz: 25 fps (1920 × 1080, 1280 × 720) : 60 Hz: 30 fps (1920 × 1080, 1280 × 720) Video Compression: Main stream: H.265/H.264/H.265+/H.264+ : Sub-stream: H.265/H.264/MJPEG : Third stream: H.265/H.264 Video Bit Rate : 32 Kbps to 8 Mbps H.264 Type : Baseline Profile/Main Profile/High Profile H.265 Type : Main Profile NVR Specifications Hikvision DS-7W04NI-Q1/4P 4-Channel Built-in PoE NVR Supports H.265/H.264/H.265+/H.264+ HDD 500GB Internet 40Mbps rated, actual speed 40-50Mbps Total 5 Devices connected at a time, MacBook, TV, ipad, cell phone & NVR Below is my current settings: Motion detection On resolution 1920x1080P video quality: Highest fps: 25 pre & post recording set to: 10s Bitrate: Constant 4096 Compression: H.264+
  7. He there, Does anyone have an idea how these XmEye like Apps connect to your recorder at home? Do they directly connect to your recorder through internet and home router or they connect to some other 3rd party server (somewhere else), which our recorder streams too?
  8. I am looking to set up multiple NVRs (can’t use BlueIris because I don’t want to deal with port forwarding every time). I would like some recommendations on an NVR that’s software let’s you open multiple tabs on one computer while live streaming multiple sites. I will have 6 monitors on one PC and would like to have 6 tabs open with different NVRs on the same PC. i have used Lorex and their software is exactly what I need but their equipment is pretty expensive, especially adds up when buying like 10 NVRs at a time. Also, it needs to support Onvif cameras. Thank you in advance!
  9. Hi everyone! I have some cctv networking problem.. But first I want to ask a question. Is it possible for a Wifi IP camera connected to a LAN network, then connect them to a NVR while still having remote access? If yes, what network set up I need to do? And what equipment I need to buy? If no? Do you have any suggestion on what i should do? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TL;DR | Can I have my NVR connect to my other cameras, that ia on another network? If yes how? If not what should i do? | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A little backstory first. So my office was installing a surveilance system, and wanted a few key person have access to the system all the time (via remote viewing) so we bought 8 imou wifi IP camera and imou NVR. We had imou representative team (i assume) to install everything for us, but they ran into a problem. They said our network's wifi range is not wide enough so not all the camera can get conected to the network, and they only managed to connect 4 out of 8. Then I ask them that very question (see the first paragraph after greetings). And they said it is not their job to provide network solution and was hoping that we can solve it ourselves. What they suggest to us was to extend our wireless network range so all the cameras can connect on the same network. But we cant just extend the wireless range, it could be costly. Because I have zero experiemce about this kimd of thing. And their representative (or sales) could not create their own camera network for our office. Right now I only have 4 cameras connected to the NVR and the rest of the camera connected to the imou life app on different network (which is not ideal because the security room needed to have access to the other 4). Then I have another question to ask. Can my NVR connect to my other cameras that on different network? If yes, could you point me to a reference so i can learn more about it? Or if you can guide me that would be appreciated. If not, do you have any suggestion on what should i do? Thank you for everyone who taken the time to read and helped me! Apreciated it!
  10. Please, I moved into a home that's under construction. My Lorex system is down and they won't even replace it until I do a manual firmware update. They sent it out and it expired. I didn't have a USB flash drive. Now they are closed. Suggestions?
  11. Charlie26

    NVR stolen, please help

    I recently purchased ANRAN CCTV Camera System Wireless WiFi IP Smart Outdoor Home Security 5MP HD NVR. My house was broken into and the NVR was stolen. They didn't steal the camera's. Is there a way I can still operate the camera's and record directly to a cloud without an NVR? Or do I have to buy another NVR?
  12. I Have ANRAN IP CAMERA Model CA43 that has capable of WiFi connectivity, but my concern is how can i connect it to the NVR or DVR, because the NVR has ONVIF support but this camera has none, so how can i connect this to nvr when it has no feature onvif on it? ... can i use the rtsp or the CloudID. maybe you guys have solution to this, i think my camera is Standalone only for APP DVR and also this IP Camera has no Browser Capability. Hope you can help me guys. Thanks!
  13. Hello If there is a 2 different places in 2 different continents, is it possible to connect an IP camera with Internet in the first place and the other place got the NVR and got saved on it? and what is needed to build that solution?
  14. Hi guys I have a Samsung nvr srn-1673s I forgot the password and need to do a reset but don’t know how to. please can anyone put me through
  15. Can I add my HD DVR to new 4K Swann NVR as camera feed? Is this possible?
  16. Hi there in case of upgrading my surveillance system to get rid of all my 8 NVR TO one equipment. which equipment should i use. is the hikvision blazer pro all in one is the best choice alone or i need to use hikvision NVR with 128 channel along with the blazer prothanks in advance
  17. HI All, Hope everyone is safe, Great Forum, a lot of knowledgably people I currently have the following which was installed about 5 years ago 8-Eyemax XIB-1022 12V HD-SDI Eyeball 3.6mm Lens Dome Camera UVST Magic-QL08 with a 2TB HDD The Software I use on my iPhone is Mr. Patrol which is not the best, everyone has their opinion I just don't like it I like to keep the cameras and all the coaxial cable as it is hidden perfectly around the home I like to upgrade my DVR to a NVR which in turn I can access remotely from another PC or iPhone (As Mentioned the Mr. Patrol is always down, more than it works) Can you please help me on what I may need Feel free to ask any questions if I left anything out Thank you so much Eddie
  18. Hi, I have a Hikvision 7608 NVR and I would like to record remote cameras over the internet. I tried first to connect one camera but thje NVR does not connect. I am using an Asus RT-N18 as router and I forwarded port 8000 from the camera IP to port 8000 form internet. The site https://canyouseeme.org/ reports that the destination IP port is open in the internet. Also telnet to port 8000 is connecting on the destination IP address. The configuration on the NVR is to connect to the destination IP on port 8000 with admin user and password and Hikvision protocol it does not connect. Camera model is Wireless Cube IP Hikvision DS-2CD2423G0-I(W) I tried to forward ports one by one in order to connect to the camera but without sucess. Another question in the same context is what ports should I forward in order to access the NVR from internet. Any help is appreciated, I am looking forward for your feedback. Best regards, Daniel
  19. Hi there. I have a problem about backing up and restoring. I had a backup file once but now when i try to restor/import it, it just says "Config importing failed". I have also tried with Wisenet Device Manager but same problem again. I have sent the device(s) to the local supplier for maintenance purpose and they have sent me back. So the file i had before is not importable. I have already discussed with the guy (thought that may be it can be something related Mac / Hardware change[nothing changed as he says], firmware updating etc.) but it's unclear why i can't import my backup file. So i wanted to ask here. Maybe one of you guys faced this situation. - Tried updating SW firmware (saw it was only one version but did it again) - Reverted factory settings lots of time - Different ports - Both from dashboard and Wisenet Device Manager Program The network i'm using is not the actual place of where NVR is using. Was it can related to that? I'm doing it in my home for preperation so when i move NVR to the operation center, i just want it plug and ready.
  20. Good day, I require assistance, Since after updating to the latest firmware on Xmeye mobile app. My NVR has been rebooting randomly and before then the CCTV will freeze for a few minutes then restart and goes back to normal. This can happen anytime of the day/week and I tried looking into every setting and still does not work. Please see attachment for device version and software version. I would like to revert back to the previous version. However I am not sure what the previous version is as I am unable to see it
  21. NEMOTech.Solutions

    ISO Help finding Firmware for Hikvision NVR

    Hi, I am new to this forum and am hoping someone could help me. Last year I purchased the HikVision DS-7216HWI-SL NVR/DVR Hybrid (16-ch) and a few Indoor/Outdoor Camera's on eBay and only finished wiring the camera's and setting up the NVR about a month ago. I have been busy but it didn't take me long doing a little research to find that a firmware update had been released. I've spent the last week or so (on & off) trying to find the latest firmware for my model (DS-7216HWI-SL) and so far, I've had little luck. If I'm not mistaken, what I have is a European version, which works fine here in the US and all but the US website (hikvision.com) has no support for my model. In fact, when I search their for my model number, it finds nothing. The same is true of on their European variant website (hikvisioneurope.com - I think). I was hoping someone reading this might have the same model and/or know where or how I could go about finding this. For those of you asking yourselves "Why is it so important, I'm sure the current Firmware this guy is using works perfectly fine so why he bothering us?". I have plans for modify the portal logo and some of the default system settings, but this cannot be done until I am able to find a copy, even of the same version Firmware I have now. I would, however love to be able to update to the latest version since the UI is noticeably nicer and more intuitive. I hope there is someone out there able to help me. Thanks in Advance, ~Nemo - nemo121886@gmail.com
  22. Hello everyone and excuse me for my bad English ... I am Italian. I purchased the Dahua NVR model: DHI-NVR4108-P-4KS2 I changed the admin password but I lost the file where I saved it ... I tried the procedure with the qr code but even if the email is correct I don't receive the unlock key on the mail ... How can I reset the NVR if I have forgotten my password? I am attaching some info that could be useful: Anyone can help me to generate the temporary Master Password?
  23. TonyKaku

    7 monitor IP Setup

    I've been tasked with setting up a CCTV system design that includes 6 outdoor IP based cameras (Wisenet XNV8040R), an NVR with PoE, and 7 monitors. The monitor setup should have 1 master station and 6 sub stations with each having a different individual view. I'm a bit unsure how to set this up, I was planning on using a VGA splitter before, but that would forego the individual views at least using the Wisenet XRN-1610S. Is there any way to implement a Matrix Switcher-like solution if I am using an NVR? Thanks in advance.
  24. Hi I have installed cameras in two of my houses over the last few weeks , I have been using the mobile Hik-Connect app to remotely view and has been working great . I installed a new ampr camera and need to login via a laptop to configure settings but cannot for the life of me find how to login successfully . On my mobile app I logged in from day one via a mobile number and password don’t thibk I ever gave a email . After some research and YouTube videos I see I need to search my IP address in search bar and takes me to hikvision login page , but that’s as far that I can get ! When I try to use the details on the laptop that I have been using to login with the mobile app it’s saying wrong username and keeps locking me out . I have tried using default me such as admin , 12345 for logins but none are working ! Also via the mobile app if I select account settings it’s giving me a user name , which is a few letters and numbers mixed together computer made but even this user does not seem to be working I even tried creating a new hikvision account via there website but when I try to add my device via serial number it’s saying “operation failed , the device is added by other users “. I also clicked the forgot password on login page but is saying no answers is set for security questions and guid file verification seems not to be set either Does anyone have any ideas how I can get around this problem , I just need to login on a laptop once to adjust my ampr camera and then continue using the mobile app 99% of the time . I used Swann system before and that took literally 5minutes to set up on laptop and mobile so I think I must be stuck in a glitch and can’t get past it without some inside knowledge Hope someone can see this as a easy fix thanks guys in advanced
  25. Mksci

    Dahua NVR 16 ports

    Hi. Good morning, I have a question about dahua NVRs, if I have a NVR with 16 poe ports, how many cameras can I conect in this? Can I connect other switch in the LAN and connect more Ups Cameras? For example, 20 ip cameras in total. Thanks Regards