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  1. wisp_engineer

    Cable question

    So perhaps the Value Line is acceptable for indoor installations, but when running wiring outside where it may be exposed, one should either put it in conduit or use the premium line?
  2. wisp_engineer

    Panasonic WV-CP484 vs WV-CL924A

    Does anyone have pictures to show comparison between the two? I'd be interested to see how big of a quality difference there is.
  3. wisp_engineer

    Cable question

    Thanks for checking.
  4. wisp_engineer

    Small city surveillance - with Motorola Canopy

    I know this thread has been quiet for a while but I came across this while looking through my documentation. I saved the file a while back to my workstation so I have the actual link here. It discusses using the Canopy system for CCTV purposes. http://motorola.wirelessbroadbandsupport.com/fp/downlink.php?id=3621ea6a3a8ed0425754dcb794b7222d
  5. wisp_engineer

    Cable question

    Anyone here ever use the Genesis Value Line series of rg59? It is pretty low cost compared to the Genesis Premium rg59. I can save almost 22 bucks a spool (500ft) by going with the Value Line. I called the dist. and asked him what was the difference and if it was all copper construction and he said yes, and he is shipping the stuff like mad and has had no issues. Any thoughts? What are the typical brands everyone here uses?
  6. wisp_engineer

    Toshiba IP Cameras

    They are about $500 a piece list price. I am not going to disclose wholesale.
  7. Does anyone here have good/bad experience with Toshiba IP cameras? I see the IK-WD01A is very low cost which may fit a job I am looking at. How about other low cost alternatives instead of Toshiba? I have seen Acti but I am leery about them, and their prices are generally more (but I guess it is all relative).
  8. wisp_engineer

    Pelco IS110 Series vs Panasonic WV-CW484

    I've never used the 484 dome but have used the 484 box cameras and they are amazing. I am expecting the same results from the domes.... I have a few job estimates pending PO's and they have 484 domes on them.
  9. wisp_engineer

    Small city surveillance - with Motorola Canopy

    I think Canopy would be a great choice. I've designed a few CCTV systems using it. If you want a reliable, robust network that has near zero downtime then I would use Canopy. If you can tolerate some outages and are willing to troubleshoot issues, then use lower cost 802.11 gear. What kind of non-line of sight do you have? Trees, buildings, hills? Canopy 5.4GHz OFDM would be the best option for PTMP NLOS and nLOS systems, depending on your required throughput and the environmental issues you are battling.. The most recent CCTV system I planned uses 5.4GHz OFDM stuff, but the furthest SM is around a few hundred yards. For a multi-access point canopy system to work properly you will need to sync them together, or use a CMM. No ifs ands or buts about it. No sync, and you're going to be battling yourself due to self interference.
  10. wisp_engineer

    Panasonic WV-CP484

    Just thought I'd sing the praise of these cameras, as if it has not been done enough before. I just did 3 of them today, one inside a very bright entry lobby, two outdoors. Amazing, and i mean it, images. The customer was blown away. Also added a Honeywell vandal dome, and for the price the images were awesome. It was very reasonably priced. Replaced: Pelco Color camera (black box cam, color only forgot the model) Toshiba IK644A Accurate (who makes this?) (forgot the model, looks old though) Many shotty made BNC connectors Added: 3 CP484's 1 Honeywell WDR vandal dome
  11. Isn't it funny that the people that theoretically SHOULD have the money and the wherewithal to know that they need to spend money on something like this, are the biggest tightwads?
  12. Gotcha Yeah I saw the cheezeball cams but I didn't know if you actually sold those to him or not and was not about to chastise over that one
  13. Nice write up! I'd kill you though if I caught you dremeling out a soffit on a house like that. LOL Did you put some wood patch on it and then repaint it too? It might have been just as easy to install a surface mount single gang jbox on the outside before you have to pass over the two 2x4's and then use a gland nut to pass the cable into the jbox. Nice work otherwise.
  14. Here is a new one for me, the customer says that they have a couple of cameras that "white out", their words, intermittently. The viewer said she saw the camera being viewed go completly white, and then back to normal image. Any idea? I would guess bad camera. I think all of these cams are Pelco WDR's. The system has been in place for about 5 or 6 years now and the company that was servicing the customer never returns calls or shows up.