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  1. Gula

    Detection systems

    Excellent, I'll keep that option in mind. Thanks a lot.
  2. Gula

    Detection systems

    Thank you, I understand, also my idea was to avoid the alarm sensors for the dogs and the idea of detection would be at night since there are always people during the day. Maybe try one of the recorders I sent earlier and some outside alarm sensor. I don't know if the active deterrence camera model I sent will work with any of the recorders.
  3. Gula

    Detection systems

    Thank you very much for the reply. I am between the following models XVR5108H-I and XVR5108HS-I3, maybe I will decide with the I3 that is cheaper. Since neither of them has an alarm output, I had thought of installing a ME1509THP-A-PV camera to trigger a zone in the alarm system. Can you give me problems with those products? Another question is whether the effectiveness of the detection depends on the quality of the cameras (hd, fhd, etc)? Sorry for my english, i use a translator.
  4. Good morning, I am new to the forum, I have to buy a CCTV system and I want the system to notify me by phone if someone enters the patio, but not to give me false alarms due to the dogs. It would have to be mid-range since I can't spend excessively. I was doing some research on the subject of wizsense, SMD plus, acusense, AI, etc. but I'm still not very clear about choosing one. What can you recommend or what system can be more effective? Thanks a lot