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  1. Spiney

    Attempted Hacking

    Hi Tom, I was using hikconnect. As it happens, I did on e, not long after I got this DVR have cause to submit something to the police which I burned onto a dvd for them and was used in a conviction
  2. Spiney

    Attempted Hacking

    Hi Tom, Many thanks for your reply. I have to say I was shocked to read your comments regarding the MPs trying to ban hikvision, but I guess like most things, they are made in china so the Chinese state will have access to them one way or another. I use Norton internet security to create long truly random passwords but I honestly think im going to pull my connection to my router. I only have the last 2 IP addresses available atm. I'll send them to you by pm. Thanks again for your assistance.
  3. Hi I have recently been suffering from repeated attempts to hack my cctv (this is all I can put it down to as the dvr (DS-7216HUHI-K2) is recording numerous illegal login attempts when I am the only authorised user. These attempts have been coming from Russia Las Vegas and numerous others. The thing is I have only ever given my IP address to one individual. I have a BT latest generation wireless hub and the security on that is set to the highest level with stealthed ports etc. How would anyone else even know I have a dvr? I'd be most grateful for any thoughts