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  1. Did you just copy paste consumer reports? 😂
  2. I’m looking to get a camera that’ll use my wireless network (i do have a power outlet near camera). Needs Ptz, 15x+zoom, works with blue iris, great picture, not going to have to reset it often (seems most on amazon have issues). I’m willing to spend up to $500. any recommendations?
  3. “If you think you can do better” Pretty sure I came in here asking for recommendations for a specific purpose. However all I’ve received is nay saying. here is an example of the type I want. I just don’t know which ones are going to be reliable as they all have some terrible reviews mixed in with the good ones. Foscam SD2X 18X Optical Zoom 1080P HD Outdoor PTZ Security Camera, 2.4g/5gHz WiFi IP Surveillance camera,Speed Dome, 165ft Night Vision, IP66, WDR, Built-in Audio, Works with Alexa Google Assistant https://a.co/b061slj
  4. I have one camera with blue iris now. I want to add a second. Maybe i didn’t mention ip cam in first post but I did mention blue iris which yourself stated only works with ip cams. Wireless IP cams that work with blue iris do exist. There are quite a few of them on amazon. Those are what I’ve been talking about. I wonder why you are so against them when you didn’t know they existed. i don't want it to be wireless for the sake of wireless. I have no other choice for that location.
  5. Why do I feel I’m talking to foreign tech support that can’t understand english enough to understand simple requests. i’ve already stated I can’t run a cable there. As far as powerline transfer that won’t work as it’s not the same electrical supply. A wireless signal is the only way I can connect to a camera there. I already stated i wanted an ip ptz camera. Why you want to dispute me and say I want a consumer product when I said the mass consumer products aren’t good enough? sorry if I sound frustrated. I’ve been dealing with bad barely english speaking tech supports in the last 24 hours and this is really starting to feel like that.
  6. A poe cam is the biz I know, but if I could run a cable from my house to where I am putting the camera I wouldn’t be asking about wireless. I need something with a much better picture than the mass consumer cams like arlo or ring. They can’t even read a license plate at 15’ with their wide angle lenses. i see lots of cams with great specs on Amazon for under $300 but then you go and read the reviews and you see stuff like “have to climb ladder 2x weekly to reset it” or “loses connection even though it’s 30’ away”. that’s why I am here asking for recommendations and including a higher budget. Hopefully there is something good and reliable without costing thousands.