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  1. Munro999

    What CCTV to survey rural road traffic?

    Scotland. I'm interested to hear more
  2. Munro999

    What CCTV to survey rural road traffic?

    Thanks for your message. We're not looking to hold number plate information. We just want to be able to see it on the video so we can include or exclude the vehicle from our count of authorised and unauthorised vehicles. The cameras will be on private land. Our initial thought was to buy 1 Arlo Go 2 camera to give us the flexibility to position it anywhere within WiFI or 4G coverage. If we could get satisfactory images of vehicles then we'd buy another which would enable us to monitor/analyse entry and exit and possibly enable us to do some sample speed analysis. We've no idea whether they would work in the way required for us to do the surveys we need. At this stage it's about getting information on use, volumes etc
  3. Hi We a community group in a rural location with houses along the length of a single track road running for circa 1.5miles. Multiple road works in the area have caused a huge increase in traffic along our road and we want to get a better understanding of the traffic flows (and maybe speeds). We don't have the funds to bring in a survey company or local authority funding so want to find a DIY solution. We guess a camera or two is needed that can provide us with video (day and night) which we can analyse. We're in a wet and windy location and want to be able to have sufficient video quality to enable us to identify number plates. Power and wifi is readily available. Any pointers gratefully received. Thanks