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  1. It's a shame since I already have an IndigoVision NVR-AS 3000 which has an additional 5 licenses for new generation cameras - but I had to decommission it due to the energy price crisis. It has 4 x 1TB hard drives which cost a fair bit to run 24/7/365 even before UK energy prices sky-rocketed. The Compact NVR-AS 4000 I'm using now has just a small 'laptop' style hard drive. Pity I can't transfer the licenses from one NVR to the other...
  2. Hello, I use IndigoVision Control Center v13.2 and have 10 x mostly old IndigoVision IP cameras, and an IndigoVision AS4000 Compact NVR (just 1TB) all working fine at home. Most of the cameras were produced under their old licensing scheme, and have 'E' (Enterprise level) keys - so Control Center records them fine at full frame-rate. However, one of the cameras is of their newer licensing generation, and Control Center will only allow one of the new gen cameras to be recorded at a time. I have more IndigoVision new gen cameras gathering dust and would like to find a way to use them to replace some of my older cameras. If I add them to Control Center, I will not be allowed to record. Is there a way I can use a third party NVR, such as Duhua, to record them but still use Control Center for monitoring and playback?
  3. DaveFix

    Replace HDD's on Indigovision NVR 200

    Old topic I know, but for anyone having this problem in the future. Only HDDs which IndigoVision have fully tested will work. The approved list of HDDs are stored in the firmware. Newer HDDs are sometimes added to later firmware revisions, so upgrade to the latest firmware you can get your hands on and you might get lucky.
  4. DaveFix

    Testin' some hard(and soft)ware

    Also compare the bandwidth consumption - the IndigoVision camera at just 42kbs bitrate; great for storage though the quality would improve dramatically if you increased its bitrate in line with the others.
  5. DaveFix

    IndigoVision 10600

    I appreciate this is a few years old. The only way to view the video stream from the 10600 model without a Windows machine is to setup an 8000/9000 encoder decoder box. There are many versions, but you need one with 2 x BNC connectors. Go to its config pages and set it up as a receiver, then connect the BNC video out to a TV/monitor.
  6. DaveFix

    Telemetry trouble

    Connect the RS232 cable from the keyboard to the server running IndigoVision Control Center. Then in Control Center, under the Setup tab click Tools, Options, CCTV Keyboard. Enable the option box, select the COM port which the server assigned (usually COM1) and keyboard type (usually IndigoVision Surveillance).