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  1. download manual and refer to the dip switch settings... these can be used to first reset the camera and then assign the unit number. From memory the cu161 will only transmit to camera id set at 1. Cheers, H
  2. seeseeteevee

    Brandless DVR, what remote client?

    Not sure if it will work with your dvr, however try RASplus... this works for most of my DVRs and has lots of features.
  3. yes... siamese cable... just remember that you dont always have to run power all the way back to your dvr... it may be easier to have several seperate power units closer to your cameras and run the cable from one camera to the next...
  4. seeseeteevee

    Help !!!!!!!!!!

    It could be some interference from a source somewhere from the camera to the dvr. It may be an airconditioner or lighting which is only on during these times. Your cabling may need to be filtered or isolated from other cables etc.
  5. seeseeteevee

    CCTV Controllers

    I have found that they depend on what equipment you have... Many generic controllers can connect directly to your ptz camera... the generic controllers have multiple protocols they can control. most common is Pelco P / D. Some brand name controllers only work with their equipment and they may have to be used with one of their multiplexers / DVRs. Both have their pros and cons...
  6. seeseeteevee

    Hello everybody

    You have come to the right place... been in my favourites list for a long time now!
  7. seeseeteevee

    Hello From Oz

    Hey mate, just around the corner, I am from Perth aswell... Harry
  8. seeseeteevee

    Not Sure which addresses to enter... HELP!!!

    I just downloaded JM Integrated Remote Station and tried it out on my generic DVR and it gives the same error that you are experiencing... The best DVR management software (inc. viewer) I have found is RASplus v1.9. It is available free to download from a few diff places... I just did from here: http://www.atvideo.com/Support/downloads.asp (you will have to register 1st - instant access). Good luck!
  9. seeseeteevee

    dm digital sprite password help

    There may be some info here: http://www.dedicatedmicros.com/software_release/main_firmware.php
  10. seeseeteevee

    DM Digital Sprite 2

  11. seeseeteevee

    Not Sure which addresses to enter... HELP!!!

    download angry ip scanner. I use this all the time to find the ip address of units i dont know.
  12. seeseeteevee

    help identify 4Ch DVR please....

    using the camera select buttons enter: 4321 as the password
  13. Go to the UK DM web site and download the new firmware for your unit, it has instructions in the zip file. H
  14. seeseeteevee

    CCTV DVRs, Software, PTZ training courses

    The Stam Multimedia site is free for what I have used it for (Panasonic, Dedicated Micros), all you have to do is register and then login... they dont even send you junk mail. Much better than what the product manuals offer... very interactive and easy to navigate... H
  15. I have a few Panasonic WV-CS850 units and in my haste I bought a couple of WV-CU360C system controllers to control them... After doing some research it seems that I should of got the WV-CU161C System Controller instead...My other option is to find a WJ-MP204C Data Multiplex Unit... I havent had any luck controlling the CS850 directly from the WV-CU360C. Does anyone know if this is at all possible? If so, what are the jumper settings??? Cheers, Harry