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Panasonic CS984 settings and CU161

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The installation at our Church uses a Panasonic CU-161 with 2 CS-854 cameras. The 2 installed unit are programmed and have been working fine and are routed thru an 8 position switcher. All are run in coax mode.


We recently purchased and installed a CS-954. Before installing I mounted it on one of the existing mounts to test it. I attempted to program it by uploading one of the existing profiles and have since been unable to access and program it. I checked the other two cameras and both have all the dips set to off and they seem to function as expected.


I understand the 954 is a later model and may have different settings and while I may be the most knowledgeable in the congregation, I am a LONG way from being qualified to sort this our on my own.


At the present it the PTZ controls have no effect except in SETUP mode. In Setup I can't get past the camera ID setup (currently stuck at 0000000000000) and when I press any of the arrow keys (2-4-6 or 9) they don't work with the set-up menu but do pan and tilt the camera, which suggests to me there is some communication with the camera but just the wrong commands at the wrong time.


Is there a way to force a reset to the camera defaults and can someone guide me toward the correct setting to gain proper control of the camera?


I'd sincerely appreciate any guidance in sorting this out. (My day-job as a claims adjuster seems to leave me somewhat short on the technical expertise required).


Best Regards

Stacy Hamby

McAllen, Texas

my direct email is km5jw@shfa.us

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download manual and refer to the dip switch settings... these can be used to first reset the camera and then assign the unit number. From memory the cu161 will only transmit to camera id set at 1.




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