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  1. greca01

    QVIS Viper DVR - Brick

    see the screenshots attached. thanks
  2. greca01

    QVIS Viper DVR - Brick

    Hi, ok. I have taken the *DVR* from my aunts house so I do not have access to the cameras. However, I can put it on the network and leave it on and take another screenshot today. Would that be enough? Cheers.
  3. HI My aunt purchased a QVIS DVR Viper in 2021 and someone installed it. She's in her 70s and she cannot remember her admin password or who installed it. She wants to continue using the unit and get access to footage because she thinks someone stole her shoe bag outside of the house. I said I would have a look to see what I could do but there is no reset password option. There is only a dynamic password option?? I do not think QVIS exists anymore either. Is there anyone that can help with the dynamic password please? I have included a screenshot. Thanks