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    16CH HD SDI DVR MODEL HID1608HL Eyeview

    Thank you for your prompt response and information and yes. If you are accompanied, not with the 16 cameras, but if you have 8 at that time that were working with another DVR that stopped working due to a considerable height hit. And I would not know what I can do in this situation, since the CCTV circuit cannot be left without working for so long, even if it is only for the moment that I record what happens while I manage to get a more modern and better quality one.
  2. Hello everyone, good day. I have a problem with a 16CH HD SDI DVR from the Eyeview brand model HID1608HL, it turns out that I bought it on the street without abiding by the problem it brought, since for the configuration I clearly needed a password that I do not have and researching all over the internet I find that It is a Chinese brand that is not seen much and when reviewing the Eyeview page this model seems as if it were discontinued because it does not have any type of manual and I cannot find information anywhere to be able to delete the ADMIN password that it asks for. I have tried with all the possible keys, with DVR key generators with the date, I have removed the battery and changed it for a new one giving it a period of 2 hours without the battery, and it continues with the password and I don't longer know what more I can do please if someone can help me with this thank you very much.