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  1. John-tech

    IC Realtime NVR Repair

    Hi we have lost the details for the remote app , so sadly have no access , we have tried connecting a pc monitor and a HD tv to both the HDMI and the vga connectors . your offer to help is greatly appreciated , I”ll PM you my contact details . John
  2. John-tech

    IC Realtime NVR Repair

    Hi ok , so if it’s a Dahua , maybe good news ? the system powers on , there are green lights illuminated against every Hard Disk ( 16 in total ) the internal fans are running , the power button is illuminated ( blue led ) , but there is a right light led against the warning triangle on the front . there are approx 48 IP cameras attached to a powered switch , all of which are showing network connections , the switch is connected to the NVR . I have plugged in a monitor to every HDMI port and also the VGA port and am unable to get a signal . System is installed in Rugby , West Midlands . England . Edit Photo attached of the front screen , the display says “No Sync”
  3. John-tech

    IC Realtime NVR Repair

    Hi Tom thanks for the feedback , there is no label on the NVR to ascertain the model number , so I guessed that it was an Storm by what the NVR looks like , I can’t access the UI , so I can’t verify it from the software , so you could well be correct that my NVR is a rebadged Dahua I’ve attached a couple of photos of it front and rear , perhaps it can be identified from these photos ? If it is a Dahua , same question , is anyone willing to have a look at it to see if it can be brought back to life ? john
  4. John-tech

    IC Realtime NVR Repair

    Hi I'm told that UK IC Realtime don't use the Dahua units ( I know in the US they do) , I take your point on the repair , however the NVR cost over 8000 GBP , so I'm reluctant to just throw it in the bin without even trying to get it looked at. As per my original post its the STORM-1s-16128 IC-Realtime-STORM-1s-16128.pdf (icrealtime.ie) John
  5. Hi I currently have an IC Realtime NVR from the UK , model STORM-1s-16128 , which is no longer outputting any video , the NVR is powered up and HDD lights flashing I have contacted IC Realtime in the UK to see if they will look at it and repair it , however they are saying that as its over 10 years old they will not accept it back , does anyone out there know anyone that is willing to take a look and see if they can fix it ? Thanks John