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    Hello from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Hello everyone, Hope you're all doing well. Just to introduce myself, I am new to the world of CCTV, though I consider myself somewhat tech savvy (I can put together a PC and do light troubleshooting). Mainly joined this forum to learn more about CCTV systems, how to set them up securely, troubleshoot connection issues, and just learn more about this new (to me) technology. I lack experience when it comes to VoIP and CCTV systems. Feel free to ask me any questions about life in Kuala Lumpur, I've just moved back here from living abroad for many years. Still find the country to be an exciting and lively place to live. Have started a family and moved here from Vietnam, previously teaching English in private and public sector. Ian Fun fact about me: I have slightly shorter than normal arms, like a trex, see attached pic for reference (credit to Hotpot.ai for the image)