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  1. I have a new Honeywell DVR that has not been opened. Model HRHD9C80.
  2. This camera has been sitting on the shelf (in the box) and I will never use it. This is for the camera only, no housing or back plane.
  3. I have 14 GE transition readers. Mullion mount and black. They are brand new and never opened. They will output weigand and GE F2/F format. $50 dollars each plus $3 dollars for shipping each or $15 for all.
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    Hello Everyone

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    Greetings from North Carolina

    Howdy, and Welcome
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    New to the forum

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    hello from South East Asia

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    Greetings from Detroit

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    Newbie from SoCal

  10. Pelco DX7000 DVR For Sale (DX7016-180) with the DX7100rx remote software and recovery disk. $150+shipping (~20lbs)
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    Long range RFID product

    Sorry, I'm unfamiliar with products that can do a ~200' read range.
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    Greetings from TN

    Hello everybody! I'm sticking my name in the hat of members. I work on access control and cctv professionaly for large companies. I would be glad to help and share any information I know. And yes, I work for Siemens!
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    Long range RFID product

    What kind of RFid? Like a proximity reader or for asset protection?