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  1. Larryb227

    upgraded to NV5000 can't record

    That is exactly what it was. I thought the software was smarter than that. thanks for your help. Larry
  2. Larryb227

    upgraded to NV5000 can't record

    I went from NV3000 to 5000 with a 4 camera system. I finally got everything to work including remote but can't record due to, the system telling me low memory HD that is. I have a 160g drive that appears to be partitioned as I have a C and a DVR drive. The DVR is 140g and the C drive where the software is loaded is about 10g with only 6g free. The system seems to want 9g. Does this make sense? It will not let me record at all due to this. Before upgrading I use to get almost 30 days of recording now can't even get one day. LarryB
  3. Larryb227

    Installing a NV5000 from a NV3000 need help (update)

    I finally had to remove everything relating to NV3000 even cleaned the registry and deleted all folders. Then rebooted and reinstalled, this time it asked my for a User ID and password which it did not the other times. I also had to abandon Firefox and go to IE as FF would not connect it would only sit there like it was connecting. Where IE connected quickly and downloaded the Camview and then I set up the Remote viewing. Thanks for the input. Larryb
  4. Larryb227

    Connecting the NV5000 board which J#

    thanks, I got that figured out.
  5. Larryb227

    Installing a NV5000 from a NV3000 need help (update)

    I moved an inch further in that the video extension card is now working which I just turned the computer off, removed the plug to the AC and then checked the ribbon cable as this board is a 3 connector board so I plugged it into the first one. On restart all my camera returned. Now on the problem #2 I found that I was using Firefox and it would not connect. So I went to IE and got connected ok with the WebView coming up but every password and ID I put in it rejects! Can't remember what the default was like NVDVR or something but I have changed the password on the 3000 system and it picked up all but on the remote side. So I am still trying to get it to work.
  6. I have moved a little further with this project and presently got the video back with the help of one of you (LVS) and now have two problems. 1. Can't get the remote to work. I can ping all the addresses but when I connect to the internet with my static IP I get the downloading software thing and it just stays there. I have turned off all firewalls and other programs that could stop things from working. (The NV3000 worked fine before upgrading.) 2. The video extension card does not show the video 5 thru 8. Could not find any instructions with the card. Just plugged the ribbon cable in at both ends and installed the card it a slot. Thanks
  7. Larryb227

    Installing a NV5000 from a NV3000 need help

    Appreciate that and it worked for the driver problem. Actually I had a PCI to PCI problem after this install and got rid of that with a delete and let it rebuild itself. Now I have two more problems. No video from the video extension card ( the 5 thru 8 buttons are not available or lighted.) Can't connect via the remote site I always could before this install. Router ports are ok, firewall is ok but on the internet using the statis ip address where it is suppose to download the remote DVR software, it doesn't and I can't ping that address. The 5000 network setup looks ok. Thanks LarryB
  8. I installed the 5000 boards and at the same time 4 port video expansion card. I installed the software went thru the many "continue" warnings with the Argus drivers. After the installation I started the NV DVR and video was there. I did not see any extra camera slots as expected due to the video expansion card. I restarted the computer and a few errors came up with the drivers. I was from there unable to get video any longer. Any ideas or has someone had the same problem. It seems the drivers don't load the second time due to the ID errors etc. At the moment the system is down. Thanks LarryB
  9. Which J# goes where? I have two, one is pwr and one is reset sw. I have 3 connections jacks J7 J8 J16 Thanks
  10. Larryb227

    Accessing the internet with NV3000

    No, I can access the NV system from a remote site without problem. What I can't do is from the NV pc access the internet. Like google or my AT&T.net etc. thanks LarryB
  11. Larryb227

    Accessing the internet with NV3000

    I have never been able to access the internet using this system. I am able to use the remote feature. Each time I try to go to MS update for instance it will not connect. Is there a setting that I should look at? I want to update the OS before installing software for the NV5000 and then changed the card. I am using a Linksys router and a DSL modem using bellsouth. Thanks
  12. Larryb227

    nv3000 cards have green rectangle over all 16 cameras!!!

    This has been on here for awhile but it sounds like if you go into your settings select "recording" and then on the right side unclick "show mask" they should go away. LarryB
  13. This is a PC with XP on it and the NV3000. Input 1 is defective and I was wondering two things. Can I upgrade to 5000? Would there be any advantage. Where can I get the board and cost. Thanks Larryb
  14. Larryb227

    Camera problems at night

    Just to follow up on this problem. I have changed out the one camera that was causing me the ring problem. It was an IR480 SN or at least that is the only number I have on the camera. I installed a G4-400HPT and it does not have a ring and does a fair job. The area I have this camera set up is a distance of 60 feet and the camera states 120 feet for the IR's. I do not see this. It has trouble with the 60 feet at night. I also have another camera looking at nearly the same area and it is a IR550VDNSN and the pictures are about like the 400 except at night. Thanks Larryb [/img]
  15. Larryb227

    Camera problems at night

    That would be a good idea. I tried black tape and it improved the unit quite a bit. I'll try your idea as it would less affected by heat. LarryB