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Installing a NV5000 from a NV3000 need help (update)

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I have moved a little further with this project and presently got the video back with the help of one of you (LVS) and now have two problems.


1. Can't get the remote to work. I can ping all the addresses but when I connect to the internet with my static IP I get the downloading software thing and it just stays there. I have turned off all firewalls and other programs that could stop things from working.

(The NV3000 worked fine before upgrading.)


2. The video extension card does not show the video 5 thru 8. Could not find any instructions with the card. Just plugged the ribbon cable in at both ends and installed the card it a slot.



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Some of the NV5000 cards have 3 sockets to plug the ribbon cables from the Ext. boards into and some have 4. If your board has 4 sockets you want to plug into the 2nd one, not the first.

As for the networking thing, have you clicked on the 'Network' button (it usually turns purple if it's clicked) to enable networking? If so are the proper ports forwarded through the router? Is there any software on the DVR computer that might be blocking the program from broadcasting?


Good luck, and let us know how things go.



Skyline Solutions

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I moved an inch further in that the video extension card is now working which I just turned the computer off, removed the plug to the AC and then checked the ribbon cable as this board is a 3 connector board so I plugged it into the first one. On restart all my camera returned.


Now on the problem #2 I found that I was using Firefox and it would not connect. So I went to IE and got connected ok with the WebView coming up but every password and ID I put in it rejects! Can't remember what the default was like NVDVR or something but I have changed the password on the 3000 system and it picked up all but on the remote side.


So I am still trying to get it to work.


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I finally had to remove everything relating to NV3000 even cleaned the registry and deleted all folders.


Then rebooted and reinstalled, this time it asked my for a User ID and password which it did not the other times.


I also had to abandon Firefox and go to IE as FF would not connect it would only sit there like it was connecting. Where IE connected quickly and downloaded the Camview and then I set up the Remote viewing.


Thanks for the input.



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