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  1. I haven't chosen the software or PTZ cameras because Im still trying to figure out which will work with what. Also I have never placed 12 megapaixel cameras on a system so I don't know if that will be an issue. Im open to any ideas and have a decent budget. Maybe axis IP PTZ's? http://www.axis.com/products/cam_215e/index.htm SO many options. I'm more intrested in finding out what people have used with what software and that ha worked! Thanks for the info on the joyticks.
  2. Im trying to build an IP megapixel system using all Arecont domes (12) and 3 IP PTZ cameras. Looking for any good software that will support 12 arecont megapixel and 3 IP PTZ cameras. Also the customer has asked that he be able to control the three IP PTZ cameras with a seperate joystick. I've had no problem with standard digital recorders hooking up multiple joysticks and such but can't seem to find any info using joysticks with IP based systems. Does anyone have any info, links, or contacts I might be able to use to get m going? Thanks
  3. protecvideo

    Need wireless setup

    Thanks scorp. I ended up doing some light trenching and just hard wired it. Pain in the but but i think it worked out good after looking into the wireless products a little. Thanks for the wireless info though.
  4. protecvideo

    Need wireless setup

    Can anyone recommend some good wireless products for my home? Everything is a straight shot. Each camera is about 150ft away. I need something reliable and something that is not to unsightly. Thanks I will have 3 cameras total.
  5. god that sounds nice right about now.
  6. I have the power about 15ft from the PTZ on 18-2. You know how it goes, everything works fine and I have the right voltage when I'm there but when I'm gone it acts up sporaticly. I should camp out until the camera resets.
  7. I have two PTZ's that keep losing their control (Rx Tx) settings permanently. The camera pictures are fine I just loose all controls. These cameras were working for about 6 months and it just stopped working. I removed the cameras and plugged them in locally to the DVR but still no movement. I plugged a new PTZ in to the DVR and no movement. I sent them back and they replaced them with new ones but could not explain what the problem was. So I found out that the DVR as well as the control functions on the PTZ were broken. I got two new PTZ’s and a new recorder and installed them and 2 months later it has happened again. The owner of the building told me that the camera was resetting itself and was turning off and on so I think one of the outlets the camera is plugged into is bad. Could a surge from the power of the camera kill the PTZ controls? I think in this setup it could. THE SETUP: I have one Cat5 running about 500ft. I split it off and used two twisted pair for the first PTZ (one pair for controls and the other pair I put a video balun for video). Then on the same Cat5 wire I used the other two pair the same way for the further camera. This is the camera I think has the bad power going to it. Do you think throwing the cameras on some UPS’s will work or should I try that along with something else? The vendor was telling me I might want to ground the PTZ controls? I just want to make sure I don’t go through this again. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. protecvideo

    help identify 4Ch DVR please....

    try 1111 0000 or nothing because they are so original know one would think to enter those. or try throwing it against the wall really hard. Sometimes it will reset everything back to the original format.
  9. protecvideo

    Need help choosing an 8 channel DVR

    You might also want to check these out. Installed about 50 of them now with only a few having issues (hardive issues from shipping) very nice live viewing and playback. http://cctv.sjglobalservice.com/Product/ProductDetail.aspx?Item=64 These are also good for the price but aren't as fancy.
  10. I have a camera mounted on a metal pole for a hotel. It starts flipping out like a very bad ground loop iolation problem at the same time every night when the lights come on (sign lighting). In the morning and throughout the day its fine. I have narrowed it down to only when the electricity going through the pole comes on is when it starts. Does anyone have any good tricks or recommend any isolators (by links or model numbers) that they have used for thier more serious problems. Im trying not to have to remount the camera yet. I also wanted to see if there was an isolater I could put at the recorder end (if thats where the issue starts at) mainly cause the camera is 50ft high. Thanks
  11. protecvideo

    Quad with mulitple video outputs

    I ended up using this. Worked pretty good. Under $30Just incase someone runs into the same issue. COP 15-VD12 15VD12COP - VIDEO DISTRIBUTOR 1 IN 2 OUT, W/ GAIN CONTROL PER CHANNEL "A simple to use BNC video splitter amplifier unit with independent gain control per channel. Transmission ranges up to 300m. Excellent for use when in need of a single camera call monitor."
  12. protecvideo

    Quad with mulitple video outputs

    Thanks for the help guys. Been so long since I've messed with this old school stuff.
  13. i was looking for a quad that has one output that shows all four screens on the TV next to it. I then need it to have it to where it has another video out to send a single channel video of one of the cameras to a screen 100ft away. All I can find are 4 channel quads with a maint tv output to display the four cameras. Any links or model numbers i can check out? Thanks for the help.
  14. protecvideo

    Axis 216 FD Network camera

    I have a brand new Axis 216FD dome camera in the box with everything. Because I am an Installer I can't say the exact price I paid for it but the customer went with megapixel so i am left with it. Asking $400 wich is well below cost and MSRP. I have had the unit for about 2 months. Send a PM if intrested.
  15. protecvideo

    16-channel DVR suggestions

    I have been selling these left and right. Nice pictures with VGA or BNC for display and eve better playback. 30FPS per camera full D1 res on all 16 cameras. Great pricing. Up to 8 TB. I got fed up with the PC based about 6months ago and then i found these. They have a lower end model that is almost as nice but it cuts FPS down to about 7 in full D1. If your an installer they have great customer service, tech support, and return policy if your unhappy with anything. Heres the link to the DVR if you need info. http://alldigitalsecurity.com/83622/87201.html