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  1. Ez-Toyz.com

    Help in choosing DVR

    Ok, that makes sense! Was my first guess, as I have installers who have finished a job and had it look pretty much the same...not temporary unfortunately. Even good qualit RG-6 can't stand up to EMF from the 220-Volt Transformer it's laying on...lol. Nice view though and very good frame rate. Like the customized interface.
  2. Ez-Toyz.com

    Help in choosing DVR

    Oh, Understood. Great view though...I could definitely live there.
  3. Ez-Toyz.com

    Defrag a DVR???

    That Depends on the DVR and how it records files. Systems like SkyView, ProVideo Security Eyes...it is quite possible to need a defragment from time to time, as each motion event is recorded into a seperate file on the hard drive. However with our Alnet Systems DVRs, on initial installation the software creates recording files on the hard drive, in the size and number needed. Upon recording, Alnet now directly writes bit by bit over top of the same file that was created and formatted. Therefore the files do not get any more or less fragmented than when the file was created. Also lays the groundwork for very efficient and convenient reviewing of pre-recorded video too.
  4. Ez-Toyz.com

    Help in choosing DVR

    Nice Demo, good framerate not a bad interface either. What is the cause of the distortion in the color camera? EMF?
  5. Ez-Toyz.com

    Remote DVR viewing from cell phone.

    I would agree to that in most cases, cell-phone viewing can be slow...however there are other factors that definitely play into the speed of viewing. As we have many customers who use the Alnet System with PDA Phone and Cell Phone remote access. I personally also use the PDA-Phone Viewing on 2 different Cell-Phones: Hitachi G1000 on Sprint PCS Vision (limited to 115 Kb) - approximately 2-5 fps at 320x240 resolution depending on time of day; and Audiovox PPC-6601 on Sprint PCS Vision 3G (approx 300-400 Kb)- approximately 5-8 fps at 320x240 resolution. Some of our distributors and installers have noted 10-15 fps on the Verizon equivalent of the PPC-6601 using EVDO service. As each of the manufacturers increase their data network capabilities (Sprint will be expanding to EVDO shortly), you will notice increased speeds and frame-rate on DVR Remote viewing as well. 1. Cell-Phone's Internet connection Speed 2. Provisioning (a problem Sprint is constantly Plagued with) 3. Internet connection speed of DVR Server (upload bandwidth) 4. Time of Day (leads to crowded use of wireless bandwidth) 5. Proximity to Cellular towers, etc. Most of the DVR browser remote viewing I have encountered, generally require Java Scripting which cannot be downloaded to most phones, unless ported specifically for the device. Even with a Windows Mobile Cell-Phone, the Pocket IE browser will generally not allow for that advanced rendering. Your best option is a specific Phone Client that is designed for you platform. For example, the Alnet System has client apps for Symbian, Java, and Pocket PC cell phones. What type of Cell service/Phone Model are you using?
  6. CCTV_Australia, Thanks for the opinions, especially on the Standalone units. We haven't been selling standalones to date, but are looking to add some to our inventory. As for the DVR Cards, I haven't seen the Dallmeier cards yet, but was more impressed with the features and professional look of the Alnet System. Have you used those? Thanks again for the information. Michael http://www.ez-toyz.com