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  1. steve6690

    Mini nvr questions

    I bit the bullet and ordered one of these N6200 8 channel mini nvr's. I was expecting that it might be a pile of old pooh but with a few hours of fiddling it's working fine with my 3 Hikvision cameras. Even motion detection recording works which is a bonus. I hooked it up to a usb2 external drive as I don't have an e-sata one. This is where I ordered from. http://www.aliexpress.com/item/2014-New-Mini-NVR-ONVIF-2-0-P2P-Network-Video-Recorder-1080P-NVR-720P-for-Hikvision/1710552557.html If you order from King Security just be aware that the software cd that he bundles with it didn't work for me and others have had the same problem. The seller is very responsive and quickly sent me a link to a download server - the problem was that the software I downloaded had a ddos virus built in which Avira thankfully caught. For £25 delivered, I'm over the moon with it.
  2. steve6690

    Confederate Flag

    Ownership is not unrestricted - do you know how difficult it is to get a carry permit in NY/NJ?. The problem is not with the law abiding citizen owning a weapon. This has been proven over and over again. The locals with the most restrictive gun laws have the most gun crimes. The problem is with the felons who have access to them - including this POS who murdered those precious worshipers. I urge you to watch some of the armed robberies on youtube - many with machete like knives and tell me that I should not be allowed to own a weapon to protect myself. I happen to no own a firearm, but I believe its my constitutional right to, if I feel the need to protect myself, my family, my fellow citizen or my property. Most of the anti-gun folks tout the virtuosity from the comfort of their picket fence suburban neighborhoods..how dare they. I'm all for gun ownership in the USA where it would now be impossible and unreasonable to withdraw legally held firearms because of the sheer number in criminal hands. That's kind of where I'm coming from when I say that focussing on a flag avoids having to deal with the gun ownership problem - because it's gone too far and cannot be dealt with. It's squarely in the "too difficult box". If I lived there I'd want to own a gun, although I'm not sure whether a non U.S national would be allowed. I would probably own a handgun here too if it were allowed but it's not, and never will be again. I see the logic behind the argument that gun crime is lower in areas where citizens can lawfully carry. It makes total sense to me. I've actually attended machete and gunpoint (not many) robberies over the years here as part of my job, which I won't go into publicly, and I'm thankful that armed crime is so low here that we don't need to to arm the public, or even the vast majority of police officers (yet).
  3. steve6690

    Confederate Flag

    It means they don't have to tackle the real issue - unrestricted gun ownership.
  4. From my experience with making dive lights, I would place a bullet cam inside an underwater housing with a single cable gland entry point. Easy and quick. There is probably a more professional solution.
  5. Where/how are you mounting it ? This camera has an internal sd card and built-in wifi. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HIKVISION-DS-2CD2132F-IWS-3MP-2048-1536P-Network-Dome-IP-Camera-POE-Audio-WiFi-/111546062132?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item19f8a9d534 I personally would hardwire it. You have to run a power cable anyway. There is a non-wifi version of this camera which is about 20 quid cheaper.
  6. steve6690

    Backup power for CCTV system?

    Is the inverter not simply the UPS without a battery ? It seems that way to me, but I'm happy to be corrected. If I'm right though, unless you already have a battery bank I would go for the UPS.
  7. The camera systems I use, both vehicle mounted and static pole mounted, do licence plate capture and recognition, from the front, without much in the way of IR illumination. They have the usual ring of leds around the lens. The static cameras capture cars travelling at 100 mph+. I wouldn't worry too much about the IR. Your issues will be around camera placement. Try to fill the frame as much as you can with the plate and you should be good to go. The more head-on you are, the less problems you'll have with shutter speeds etc.
  8. That's assuming you can use ethernet cable and baluns for your system as was suggested by Boogieman . If you ever wanted to have ip cameras in the future then the ethernet cables are already run. Baluns are very cheap. http://www.cctvforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=26116
  9. In your position I would run cat 5e cables to as many potential locations as you can, and run them back to a patch panel. It will make it easier if you want to add cameras in the future.
  10. steve6690

    how to watch cctv back ups

    I would keep the original file and give them a copy of that too. Also I would make sure it's kept on your system and not overwritten. Without knowing how serious the matter is it's difficult to advise really . If it goes to court the defence might insist on inspecting the original file. Regardless of whether it plays they might argue that the re-encoded file is not a true copy of the original especially as you have re-encoded it yourself. If the original is not available they could get the whole video evidence kicked out.
  11. steve6690

    how to watch cctv back ups

    Make sure to include the original file though. In our force all video seized has to be converted to dvd format to play in court, but the original will be kept "as is" and stored so that the defence can inspect it if they want. My advice is to give the file to police exactly as your system recorded it. They should sort the dvd copy. If they can't do that then you could try a variety of the free video encoders. Windows Live Movie Maker would be a good place to start. It encodes the h.264 files from my cameras ok.
  12. steve6690

    Looking to set up a home system, (1) camera for now.

    The camera I suggested has an in-built sd card slot so you should be good. One thing to mention about this dome camera though. I have mine mounted on my garage soffit, directly above the door and roughly 7 feet from the ground. You need to be careful with the dome because if you have the camera pointed too high you will get problems with IR reflection that will wash out your night image. You cannot point the camera on a horizontal plane. I had to point mine slightly downward from where I originally wanted but it's something I had to spend some time fiddling around with. This is as high as I can point mine : https://goo.gl/photos/32KZHY6fw5yKANjV8
  13. steve6690

    Looking to set up a home system, (1) camera for now.

    I have followed a similar path. I started with one camera - a Hikvision 2132F-IS dome with sd card slot. The ports on my wireless router were also full so I purchased a 8 port Gigabit switch. Everything is now plugged into the switch and I run one cable from that to the wireless router. I used ivms 4200 client on my laptop for live viewing, and 4500 for viewing on Android phone and iPad. I don't currently record but am soon going to build a storage server pc for that function. The Hikvision DS-2CD2132F-IS will suit you I think, along with some good quality cat 5e cable. I have 3 cameras now so I added a PoE switch. All works well. Where are you putting the camera ?
  14. steve6690

    Car Cam

    I think they're a bit large still, and how many times are you expecting to get pulled over ?
  15. steve6690

    iVMS-4200 issue

    Are you asking how to calculate the disk space you need for the camera recordings ?