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  1. While there may be many ways to skin a cat this certainly qualifies as one of them. " title="Applause" />
  2. FTP was removed in 5.20, you would need to down grade to a prior version using TFTP. Your best bet may be to contact CBX.
  3. TFTP Automatic Update Tool User Manual http://www.hikvision.com/europe/support_more.asp?id=269
  4. A couple of WAGs that may be totally useless... You may want to try to get the debug output from an email module. Also check your network settings in the DVR, i.e. not having DNS set up has been noted in other posts on email failure.
  5. Is there a reason you have not used SADP to check the IP? It is located on the disc that comes with the camera as well as online here: download/file.php?id=6715
  6. What IP are you pinging from? Does SADP see the camera?
  7. Bingo, thanks! Under Events I get the motion blocks as well as the line traversal showing but under Live View all I see is line traversal? The question of why this isn't ported to the NVR's display also comes to mind.
  8. +1 IIRC it seems like I've seen the green indicators under normal mode but not expert. Just another Hikvision programming inconsistency... I keep telling myself these cameras are good for what they do, I'm just not always sure what it is they do.
  9. catseyenu

    Outrageous quote for camera installation! HELP!

    Because it's non-conductive?
  10. Had a thought.. where is the TFTP folder stored? IIRC I had issues with having the working folder too deep (too many characters?) in my file system (ex.: C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\Sec_Cam\TFTP\tftpserv). Try putting the TFTP folder in your root (ex. C:\TFTP).
  11. Whoops, you are correct it did not complete.
  12. iTuneDVR, thank you. I would assume it's not your host that is the problem. Thanks again!
  13. Try creating a share under the Storage/NAS tab & then initialize it under Storage/Storage Management. Have you read through your manual that is on the included disc?
  14. It must be my worthless ISP, AT&T's routing. They're only good for spying on us. /Looking for the middle finger emoticon...
  15. The source file could not be read.