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  1. dmor

    Why can't I?

    That is what is so baffling. What is even more odd is that my second computer at home that is networked to the host won't connect to the DV server using my ip address. That on is a Win 7 64 bit.
  2. dmor

    Why can't I?

    OS is XP Pro, I have even added the IP address to IE with no luck. I have no problem logging in using Multiview, it is very slow and does not provide me the info that the GV server does. BTW, I have a dynamic IP and use the DNSClient to log in remotely via Simplevue geo and Multiview Thanks for the replies. I will keep trying.
  3. dmor

    Why can't I?

    Until recently, in explorer I could just enter my IP address and from there I would log on to the GV server where I can view my cameras remotely. I am sitting behind a new computer and tried to do that to no avail. It has been a while since I set up the software. Is there anything I need to have running on a new computer to be able to log in to the GV server other than having the IP address of the host? BTW, I can use simpleVue Geo with my info and view my cams but nothing happens in explorer. Thanks for any help.
  4. Does it make a difference that I have a dynamic IP address?
  5. I wished I could find that info on what port per cam if that was the case. Geovision 8.2 allows the installation of an IP cam and specifically the axis 221 but I have had no success being able to see the IP cam with the GV monitor. I know most of the time it is something so small that is missed since I am not a pro, my system is the only one I have messed with and it is for home. thanks again for you time
  6. Thanks, I can view the Geovision remotely via browser of live view. On port forwarding are there any other ports that I need to do the port forwarding on other than the ones used by Geo? thanks again
  7. I am new to IP cams. I have installed one axis 221 cam to play with and test. On server I can live view and view in web browser without problem. At another remote location, I have installed Axis Camera Station Client to use for remote viewing. I used the IP assigned to the cam at home, user name and password. I can't connect no matter what I do. Is there a port that needs to be forwarded on server for this to work. I do have a Geovision setup on same unit and I can do all the above. Also, is there any remote viewing software that can be used to view the Axis cam setup the is not from Axis? Any help and info is very much appreciated. David
  8. I would like to know if what I am thinking is correct. I have a Geovision setup 4 cams that at no additional cost I can monitor remotely. Am I understanding it correctly that it is not the case with IP cams. There is a licensing fee plus monthly to be able to view remotely? This is one of very few issues I am not being able to get a clear answer on & would appreciate any information.
  9. dmor

    Using DDns for dynamic ip?

    Used to have service with static ip. I would use livevue to monitor my cams. Now I have new service (DSL) with dynamic isp. Every time my ip changes I have to forward to work to use with livevue or Multiview. I know there is a way around this, I have even registered with dipmap, I just am not sure how to work around this dynamic ip address. any help would be appreciated.
  10. Thanks very much for you help. That did it.
  11. I never had to do that before. I could give anyone my ip address over the phone and have them log on. However, if anything has changed, where would I look for the port number? Thanks
  12. A couple of months ago I had to reinstall the OS on my home computer. Prior to that with the GV 800 I could view my system remotely from work or anywhere via liveview or Multiview. I had cable for internet then. Since then and after the reinstallation I have DSL not wireless and I can view my cameras remotely but one thing I can't do now is enter my ip into internet explorer and have the Geovision log in window come up. I could have missed installing something that is key to being able to do that and I have tried everything I know and have went through the manual with no luck. I am using the 8.2 version. Thanks
  13. It is now listed on ebay , item # 120321046113.
  14. If you are interested, I purchased this new, box has been open to look at the contents. Once I read all the requirements to get one going, I knew I was over my head. I started with bullet cams for home use, upgraded to Panasonic 484 box cams and I love them. I figured it would be nice to have a semi-PTZ again until I found out there was a lot more to it than what I am using now with my geovision card. If interested email me with an offer at dmorcos@cablelynx.com , and if you live around the Hot Springs, Arkansas area and want to take a look just let me know and I will be glad to arrange that. I am also considering listing on ebay and if it makes you feel more secure about the transaction I will be willing to do that with a buy it now price that we agree on. My feedback is 217 at 100% on ebay. I can also provide pictures and numbers off the box and cam if needed. I just want to get rid of it since it is just sitting occupying space.
  15. The correction of the horizon is the same scenario that I want to be able to deal with. In my situation the amount of correction has been very small and for the cost of that mount, it just can't hurt to try one. Again, thanks a million for your help. David