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  1. MattFisher

    Megapixel Smegapixel!!!!

    Hi, cctv_down_under, Nice to chat with you the other day, just a thought on the performace of the megapixel cameras you saw at the show, do you know if any of the cams were set up with Auto Iris lenses?. Some megapixel cameras only have manual iris lenses.
  2. MattFisher

    Megapixel Smegapixel!!!!

    Did you drop into our stand?, Avigilon. If so did we meet? If not, I'm in Brisvegas also, if you want to have a better look.
  3. As a guide. 5TB, 4x 16meg cameras, 3ips, 20% duty cycle, compression level 6 = 17.48 days Add 7.5TB Raid 5 = 41.94 days.
  4. MattFisher

    Coax to Fiber optic converter

    If it's multimode fibre 62.5 then ask for ST conectors. If your going to use analog cameras and run them to a fibre converter with coax, I have used both of these and they work fine sorry cannot post links yet: www(dot)ifs(dot)com www(dot)osd(dot)com(dot)au If your going to use IP cameras then as mentioned previously run them in Cat5e to a POE switch with a fibre port.
  5. Don't know where you are located, but if you are looking at Avigilon, please feel free to contact me via PM. I work for the Asia Pacific Distributor for Avigilon.
  6. MattFisher

    300m x 300m (1000' x 1000') Fence how to secure

    RE: IR illuminators, (I cannot post links yet) these are nice. extremecctv(dot)com - dark sky friendly products - Super LED range. 175m and 300m. since you are using dome PTZ, I guess you'll have to set these up to look along the fence line. Sometimes best if using PTZ cameras and IR illumination to use the "old school" PTZ heads so that the illuminators track with the camera.
  7. MattFisher

    300m x 300m (1000' x 1000') Fence how to secure

    Two solutions come to mind for perimeter fence detection with CCTV. (1) Fixed cameras with Motion Detection. (Not my preferred option) The number of cameras required, placement and lens selection (vertical angles of view) are critical in the design phase to ensure that the entire fence line is covered. Often there will be vulnerable areas along the fence unless you overlap the field of view of each of the cameras, for example the area directly underneath and adjacent to the camera pole. Then the nuisance alarm rate of outdoor motion detection needs to be considered. What is acceptable to your customer? (2) PTZ cameras with alarm presets and fence alarm devices (My preferred option) There are a couple of fence alarm systems that offer detection zones, acoustic, such as E-flex / Guardwire (ok for chain mesh fences) and Fibre optics, such as Future Fibre Technologies (best for most types of fences). These systems often have a low nuisance alarm rate. The alarm detection zones are then set up with the presets on the PTZ cameras to look at the area of fence in alarm. If you have chosen PTZ cameras then you will need to look at option 2, of course you could also use outdoor beams inside the fence line instead of fence alarms, my preference is a purpose designed fence alarm system particularly the fibre optics.
  8. MattFisher

    Gas Tank Control

    Just a thought, you could also interface a ground loop into the system to turn off the pump/s when a car or truck has left the pump.
  9. MattFisher

    ASIAL 2008 Show

    ASIAL 2008 show, 26th - 28th Aug, Darling Harbor, Sydney Australia. Looking forward to the annual Security Industry Show, will be on Stand G36.
  10. MattFisher

    Hi Everyone

    Hi there all from Australia, I'm new to the forum. Hope I can contribute to the threads. I've been in the Aust electronic secuirty industry for 20 years, and currently work for a CCTV distributor to the Asia-Pacific region.