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  1. jeromephone

    Security HOOK for PTZ installation needed ?

    Not really if you do not plan on dropping it.
  2. Think of your internal IP address like extension numbers on a phone system Bill is at ext 101 and Jills ext is 103 etc. so if you set up your internal Ip address for examlpe 10.10.10. 25 for one camera for amother and set the NVR to for the NVR they should all talk to each other (same subnet when setting the address set them to static. So now all the extensions (cameras) are talking to the main switch(NVR. But they do not talk to the out side world until a connection via router is made to the internet. So long story short you should be able to view and record your cameras locally without a router or ethernet connection
  3. jeromephone

    record video to dvr coaxial ports ??

    It sounds like you have a analog recorder make and model would help. If your camera has a analog out on it then you can h into one of the coax ports otherwise you would need some kind of converter to go from IP to analog. There are a lot of converters on the market that let you go from analog to IP but I am not sure about going from IP to analog.
  4. jeromephone

    Geovision Software

    I just checked on the Geo website and the latest software is 8.8. check your cameras manual to see what the server requirements are. I would upgrade to the latest software version. How many camerass do you have on the system now.? Adding a camera to a geo system takes a couple of steps which should be outlined in the manual. All software and docs are avaliable frome the geo website
  5. jeromephone

    Geovision Software

    what version of the software are you using and what is the camera part number (make and model)
  6. check your local code but low voltage cables can be run above the drop ceiling. One thing to check is to see if above the drop ceiling is a plenum space. If so you may need t run plenum rated cable.
  7. jeromephone


    I would look at IP camera system. Your face id problem is going to be a camera placement problem. You want to fill the frame with the face as much as possible. License plate capture is kind of its own thing look on this forum for threads on this topic. Talk to a couple of dealers they can put you into a reasonable system and offer tech support.
  8. jeromephone


    I would put a camera or two on a different power supply and see if the problem persists on all cameras even those with a different supply. also check connections and voltage at the camera
  9. jeromephone

    New DVR or New complete system

    If you have the budget would go with an IP system.
  10. jeromephone

    Direct Burial RG59

    Look at the Belden line they have many different types and are high quality. Not the cheapest but in my experience very good quality.
  11. Looks like the IRs are reflecting off from the lens. Maybe change position of camera or shut off IR and use a separate IR light source
  12. jeromephone

    Live Stream Display

    look on Geovision website they have some centralized monitoring solutions that allow you to pick cameras from multiple nvrs/dvrs and you can display them on one screen. I am sure other mfgs have this same capability.
  13. jeromephone

    lilan ptz protocol ??

    see if you can set the camera to either Pelco P or D and set the controller to the same. I am guessing from Ebay no manuals?
  14. can you use a KVM extender over cat 6
  15. try installing another poe switch in place of the extender and see if that works
  16. jeromephone

    Advice on video camera for research

    Look on the geovision website. The should have something to eet your needs. However the battery power for 8 hrs is another issue.
  17. jeromephone

    ISO Help finding Firmware for Hikvision NVR

    was the ebay seller a dealer or could it be some kind of knockoff. you always run that risk when buying from other than a dealer/supplier
  18. jeromephone

    Can't locate database. Please verify and try again.

    did you add the camera to a storage group
  19. jeromephone

    IPC Test Monitors

    always test the cables . at least wire map but I found a tester for less than 75.00 that gives you length and shows which end the fault is. I think my little wiremapper costs less than 20.00
  20. jeromephone

    IPC Test Monitors

    We always just used a laptop and a poe source.
  21. jeromephone

    NVR export Failed

    We will need more info such as the make and model of your NVR
  22. jeromephone

    RS485 Cabling?

    Does it work with a short length of cable to test.
  23. Have you tested the cable
  24. jeromephone

    How to protect security cameras from lightning?

    You should be aware of codes and best practice for entrance protection to your building. It is one thing to lose a camera it is another for a strike to travel into the building via cable and either destroy equipment or worse. We had some pole mounted cameras that got hit but it took out cameras and blew up the protection as designed. no damage to building.
  25. Do you have POE on the LAN switch