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    what is the approx cost of the hardware to use coax for IP? I looked a while ago and it seemed to be in the 200.00 per cable range
  2. jeromephone


    Rg 59 or rg6 for analog, cat5or6 for IP ,or cat5or6 with baluns for analog
  3. I just worked on one of those systems and the default network settng was DHCP. It seems like that shoud be set to static once the remote connection is working. So check Ip address and see if you can remotly ping the system.
  4. just buy 18x2 copper strand or 16x2 and you will not have major power drop problems.
  5. jeromephone

    Speaker Recommendation

    Look at Bogen. It may be simpler to run a seperate speaker wire.
  6. Have you tested each camera with a short coax patch cord to see if your probem might be because of a bad camera? If you are sticking with analog I would consider going to coax . you will eliminate the baluns and the power can be run on 18 ga or larger copper which can be run as siamase cable or individual runs.
  7. jeromephone

    Soffit Installation Advice

    you might be able to get a blank metal plate and drill out the center then screw it to the existing box.
  8. you can get a manual online. Usually you would just set up two user accounts with different access to the cameras. For example user1 could see cams 1-8 and user2 could only see cameras 9-16. Login to the system as one or the other and you will have the split as needed.
  9. I just looked at the manual and it appears you have to access the unit with a PCor phone. The unit is no longer made. It looks like you would have to output the pc to your big TV kind of a lot of hardware for what you need to do
  10. jeromephone

    Memory card in CCTV

    AWS lets you rent storage on Amazon's systems for as much data as you want for as long as you want. Aside from the cloud issue and costs it is an option if you really need that kind of storage.
  11. Does this system have a spot monitor option?
  12. look at the mfgs websites and get a drive designed specifically for video. Really anything will sork but you want something that is designed for your specific needs.
  13. jeromephone

    Hikvision cameras

    log directly into camera 2 and rename it. cameras usually come with a default camera 1 name or similiar
  14. jeromephone

    Design for New Construction

    Cable is cheap enough. run to every location you think you may use. If the cable does not get used it is still better than trying to install after the building is finished.
  15. jeromephone

    Design for New Construction

    not knowing exactly what you are needing I would reccommend running cat 6 with spares to every location you think you may need a camera,sensor or other ethernet device. most modern systems will run on this cable and it can be adapted as needed for voice video or access control.
  16. sometimes you can use an existing cable as a pull string to install new cables.
  17. If you can run a cable for each camera it would be best. If you run cat 5E or six you would be able to support devices that use the 1000 mps. Cable is pretty cheap and if you can stay within the 100 m length POE should be no problem. A swithch works as well but I come from a cabling background and always try to eliminate as many electronics as possible.
  18. jeromephone

    pac2 network help

    do you know the od IP addre on the computer that quit?
  19. same way with a UPS price will vary depending on how much load on the system and how much time you want the system to run before the batteries go out. Depending on the ups it also protects against power surges, brownouts and flickering. More money=more time.
  20. Cat 6 of 5e will not make any difference with present day cameras but the larger conductors may be of help with the next generation of cameras.
  21. jeromephone

    Cctv tester for Lorex Cameras

    I have had various testers but usually you can just use your smartphone,pc or laptop
  22. If you go to IP you can run POE and probably get withing the 100 meter limit fro what you have expalained. Termination of cat5/6 is not hard and you can buy preterminated patchcords in lengths of at least 100 ft
  23. before i spent the money i would try to deal with the problem on a personal basis.
  24. jeromephone

    Wireless CCTV with Built-in Repeaters?

    Ubiquity has a line of several different networking products at reasonable prices. I would stay away from their line of cctv equipment as it lacks some features.