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  1. reason number 3# cameras are not a replacement for proper managment. Cameras do show the employees that you do not trust them. Some even make a game out of fooling with the cameras>
  2. jeromephone

    What do these wires represent?

    USB cameras for PCs are really cheap.
  3. jeromephone

    GeoVision Viewlog Service

    Does it work with the edge application and the gveye app?
  4. jeromephone

    Camera tv connection

    the top extenders should work depending on how the coax is run. if you have single runs to a central location. all you would need is a 1 in four out HDMI splitter.
  5. jeromephone

    IP Pro3 hadley security camera Help

    Have you checked for software updates? You might try deleting the app and re installing it as well.
  6. jeromephone

    Ip camera adaptor

    There are hybrid DVR/s that allow for bothe analog cameras as well as IP. Becoming a thing of the past as most new installs are IP.
  7. jeromephone

    Geovision GV-FE2301 Fisheye black screen

    Does it work when viewed throught web browser or using Geo VMS or NVR software?
  8. you could use that cable by using a device that basically sets up a DSL net. We have used a device from Patton. We had to use this type of thing where the building to building was only connected by old buried cable. Limited band with and look into lightening protection. If you can do it use the old cable to pull in new cat5e. That may be the cheaapest way to go.
  9. Does it work? Basically a power supply for analog cameras. Unless someone has that line of Geovision cameras and their hub blows up not much market as this is not usable in the IP camera world.
  10. jeromephone

    Mystery CCTV cable

    what is the make and model of the camera and dvr
  11. Did the system stop recording on Dec 1 ?
  12. jeromephone

    Goodbye Geovision!

    why did yu have to upgrade.
  13. Try using vmix. I got a geovision IP camera to work with it. trial version is free to give it a try
  14. jeromephone

    4k over coax

    cca gets a bad reputation because it is not allowed on many construction projects. A lot of it does not meet electrical code. Here is a link discussing CCA in a network (Cat5,6 ETC) that addresses some of the issues at least in the US. https://www.flukenetworks.com/content/application-note-copper-clad-aluminum-cables
  15. jeromephone

    Best wire for CCTV microphone?

    what kind of microphone are you using and what are you hooking it too.
  16. jeromephone


    Look on Ditek's Web site
  17. jeromephone

    4k over coax

    https://www.firefold.com/collections/bulk-coaxial-cable is one of many suppliers. the main thing is to stay away from CCA
  18. jeromephone

    4k over coax

    cca is junk you need solid copper core and shielding . for instance this is from an online supplier RG59/U 20AWG Pure Copper Conductor 128 Copper Braided (95%) 18 AWG X2 Pure Copper Power Cable
  19. jeromephone

    4k over coax

    if it is good quality cable, is within length,and terminated and installed correctly it should be fine.
  20. jeromephone

    Miniature Coax Cable for CCTV?

    if cable is the right impedence it will work. many lower cost systems use the smaller cable. i would be concerned with cable quality and length.
  21. https://www.hikvision.com/mtsc/uploads/product/accessory/UD09611B_Baseline_User_Manual_of_Network_PTZ_Camera_V5.5.7_20180328(22).pdf page 97 restore to default
  22. is it possible you have a duplicate ip address between the dvr an another device on the network
  23. jeromephone

    What happened to this camera?

    try a different power supply and/or check voltage at camera. that is where i would start
  24. jeromephone

    Power Supply recommendation

    look at altronix. we have used them for cameras and access control and never had a problem
  25. how about using a long range AP you can get some good ones for under 100,00 and you could reuse it