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  1. Tyler_dsi

    NUUO NUUO SCB-7016

    SOlD 3/3
  2. Tyler_dsi

    NUUO NUUO SCB-7016

    still 2 remaining and ready to sell for $400
  3. Tyler_dsi

    NUUO NUUO SCB-7016

    1 Sold 2 Left to go
  4. Tyler_dsi

    NUUO NUUO SCB-7016

  5. Tyler_dsi

    NUUO NUUO SCB-7016

    I will post some pictures later on today and yes I do still have the 3 cards
  6. Tyler_dsi

    AverMedia NV6480

    what type and model of ip camera are you trying to run
  7. Tyler_dsi

    NUUO NUUO SCB-7016

    I have 3 NUUO Cards the NUUO SCB-7016, I took them out of a system that was working 100% perfectly on trade. I will include Dongles, box and software and Cards. they are coming up on 1 Year old. I know this card sells for 1200-1300$ so I am willing to make a deal on the cost. I will sell one or all three for a package deal the going price I am wanting is 650OBO if you interested message me and I can send you pictures through email or MMS. Also I am out of the Utah Area so if you wanting to meet I can meet. If your not close I am willing to ship. Thanks for looking
  8. Tyler_dsi

    Avermedia Codec Question, Hardware vs. Software Key

    The DVR. file is just more of a wrapping file that it compressed for storage, the dvr has the capabilities to save in a MPEG4 or a H.264 file but if your looking for quality and good compression use the DVR file type. you can always convert the video file to a Mpeg4 or AVI file etc. when pulling footage. Also the NV640E all your paying for is the license you have to buy the card even if your planning on a whole IP base system. Avermedia has no other way to check their license keys other than requiring the card to be used.
  9. I apologize what I was writing and was thinking were to different things I was meaning to say the NV5000 not sure why the 3000 came out. If you have trouble finding a good deal on this card let me know I can see what i can get you it for through being a dealer.
  10. 30FPS each channel is plenty for all the manufacturing facilities my company does we actually turn it down to 11FPS and I almost always see perfect FPS running across I mean if your watching people walking and cars pulling up that will be more than enough now. guarantee you will most likely turn the frames down because to the human eye we most the time can't tell the difference from 15 or 30. Here is a example for you http://www.panasonic.com/business/security/demos/PSS-recording-rates.html Now 30FPS for all 4 channels would be like 7 1/2 FPS and that it noticeable but that card is 120FPS.
  11. Tyler_dsi

    Need advice on new DVR

    I recommend Avermedia the company I work for makes a 2U Rackmount 5 hot swap bay I7 32Ch with HDMI out. And the 16CH is created the same way so if you want to upgrade to 32 channel you just flip the card in. the reason we love this Hybrid DVR is because you can use different cameras from different manufactures and also have the ability to grow into IP cameras so you can do any combination of IP or Analog cameras which is nice later when you decide you want better cameras and not have to buy a new NVR. If your interested let PM me and ill get you more info. and of course the hybrid is covered by a 3 year warranty.
  12. Tyler_dsi

    Avermedia EH1004H: monitoring s/w ?

    Sounds like your trying to remotely playback and view the data? (if your trying to view it in realtime it will show all cameras if you want but i think your trying to remote) To remote view it with up to 16 cameras you need to click playback on the console the click "Remote Playback" then click under that "Realtime playback" this is for viewing and more like buffering the video like a youtube video so its quick now if you choose to "download and playback" that will download the data which is a lot more extensive project and can only be done 1 camera at a time. I only do the download and playback after I know the exact data i need from real time playback. let me know if you have any other questions.
  13. All my company uses is Avermedia we normally only do 32Ch systems but I would recommend Avermedia NV3000, I would like to know the computer setup to make sure that it will work perfectly though. Also I have a bunch of lightly used and working Geovision 8CH and 16Ch cards. which is a great brand I just prefer Avermedia. If you have any more questions let me know!
  14. Tyler_dsi

    AverMedia NV6480

    If you want to add IP cameras you will ether need to add a 16Ch card to make that hybrid DVR a 32Channel or you will need to subtract analog cameras, and add the IP cameras. Avermedia tried bringing in just licenses instead of the cards for the IP cameras which were essentially USB flash drives with the license on it but the cost was about the same as the cards without the option of analog so they decided to discontinue/ pause that idea till it can be more of an option that would be worth buying. If there is any other questions you have PM me. Avermedia is all my company uses and we love Avermedia. Also I could recommend some IP cameras but lets be honest price is everything pm me what your planning on spending on each camera and will suggest one to you.
  15. My company needs auto insurance to with one of our contracts across the United States its dumb because we have nothing to do with driving our car but it is what it is.