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  1. Hello Everyone, Could someone please help me with the model number and details of any Pelco or GE DVRs with dual VGAs. Thank you
  2. rfidkaiser

    What is Private zone?

    Hi, Please find the specifications. American Dynamics; ADCC560NW; 1/3" Sony Vertical Double Density Interline CCD, 560TVL, 0.3Lux(color)C/CS, Video/DC drive, WDR, DSS, OSD, 16x D. Zoom, 4 Motion Detection, 4 private zone, AC24V/DC12V
  3. rfidkaiser

    CCTV in Car?

    Hi, Now a days cars come up with cameras installed in it. Usually they will install keyhole cameras in the back bumper and they will feed the input to the monitor. You can watch the road behind you, just like a mirror. For recording during parking you have to keep a DVR and you have to power up the system. You can't cover the whole car with a single camera. So be specific about the camera location and purpose.
  4. rfidkaiser

    What is Private zone?

    Hi Everbody, The following is a description of American Dynamics mini dome camera and in that there is a term called private zone, does that mean the zone masking feature? Motion detection feature will detect the motion in the cameras focus areas and start the recording, then why we need 4 motion detections? Will that really help? What OSD means and what it is for? How effective is that zone masking in a CCTV system? 1/3" Sony Super HAD CCD, 550TVL, 0.3Lux(color), C/CS, Video/DC drive, BLC, AGC, AWB, OSD, 4 Motion Detection, 6 private zone, DC12V Thanks in advance.
  5. rfidkaiser

    dates and times on cctv images

    Hey, Oops !!! I forgot to notice the value. I reckon maximum FPS for PAL is 25 and NTSC is 30. What is the highest FPS used in surveillance?
  6. Certainly not 400 - 450$. You cannot get a good CCTV system for that price.
  7. Sweet camera! Where can I get one?? Contact your carpenter
  8. rfidkaiser

    dates and times on cctv images

    It's all kind of a moot question without knowing what that number on the right side refers to. Is it a time count? Is it a reference or watermark? Is it a CRC or other sort of authentication mark? Does it maybe indicate other image factors like motion detection, image brightness, etc? Without knowing this, your concerns are baseless, and everyone else's answers (except kensplace's) are just speculation. Hi Soundy, What made you think that Hayden's answer is a speculation? DG
  9. Hey Soundy, Brilliant advice !!! Regards, DG
  10. rfidkaiser

    IP Camera system questions

    Hi, You can use analogue camera with coaxial cable and the carrying distance will be very good. You have to go for a DVR or else you have to use a encoder for converting that into IP. Then you can hook this into your existing server. Distance between cameras and DVR/server -- It depends upon the cable you are using. RG59 more than 750 feets. Hope it helps. Best regards, DG
  11. Hi, Wireless for long distance not advisable. Wired Solution IP camera system: Cable type lan cable. For your room and office -- IP Dome camera For Garage -- Outdoor weatherproof D/N box type IP camera with suitable lens (2.8 -- 8mm). In this you don't need a monitor or a DVR, you can just plug in all the cameras to a switch and then connect to your PC. You will get a free software in most of the cases. Analogue camera: Cable type: RG6, RG11, RG59 For your room and office -- IP Dome camera For Garage -- Outdoor weatherproof D/N box type IP camera with suitable lens (2.8 -- 8mm). Four Channel DVR for recording. Many latest DVR's support web browser view. In that you can just monitor those cameras from anywhere around the world just by hooking the DVR to the internet with a Public static IP. Hope it helps. Best regards, DG
  12. rfidkaiser

    Retail Store CCTV setup

    Hey Soundy Great !!!! Thank you very much. The information you provided is very useful. Best regards, DG
  13. rfidkaiser

    Retail Store CCTV setup

    Thank you bpzle for the replies. That is very informative, could you please tell me the angle a 2.8mm lens cover and a 3.6, 8 mm lens will cover. I guess we can calculate the angle from the information you provided but I am not smart enough to do that. Thank you soundy for your contribution. Best regards, DG
  14. rfidkaiser

    Retail Store CCTV setup

    Hey, Thank you for the replies. What is the distance a 3.6mm / F2.0 board lens camera can cover? What kind of details you need for a the following type of stores. 1. Apparel showroom -- Lacoste, Espirit, Levi kind of showrooms 2. Jewellery showroom -- Damas, 3. Super/Hyper market -- Walmart kind of stores 4. Footwear / leather goods showroom -- Nike, addidas, Louis vuitton kind of showroom. If you need more information to design the system please ask me. Thanks in advance. Best regards, DG
  15. rfidkaiser

    Retail Store CCTV setup

    Hi Everybody, How do we design a low cost CCTV system for Retail shops? The floor area is 500, 1000 and 12000 Sq Feet. How many cameras we may need? I assume indoor dome cameras are best selection for this type of applications. I am also confused in selecting the lens for the dome cameras. what is the distance a 2.8mm lens will cover and what is the difference a 8 mm lens will cover? What is the lens spec for wide angle cameras? Best regards, DG