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  1. B767capt

    2 Gen IV DVR recorders

    I have had these new since 2008. I have switched over to Ring cameras and want to offer these 2 DVR's. Hard to find exact info on these but included some info from the internet. The first one is 8 channel with (2) 500MB HD. Comes with power cord, remote and mouse. It's a G4-8RTA-D1-W on my original receipt. Here is more info on it:https://www.worldeyecam.com/pdf/G4-RTA-D1.pdf The second one is 4 channel and is a JS-RTA4. It has a 750MB HD and a 250MB HD and it too has a power cord, remote and mouse. These would be great for a business. https://www.worldeyecam.com/pdf/JS-RTA.pdf These were both new in 2008 and bought from Mike Impagliazzo back when he operated ShoreView Security. He used to be a regular here. Shipping will be from 30265. Make an offer. Bill
  2. B767capt

    CNB VBM-24VD night vision?

    I installed this dome camera in place of an old bullet camera. I have 2 other bullet cameras on the same wall and an additional IR spot light. The camera works perfectly during the day, but at night the video is totally black. The other 2 cameras look great and it looks like daylight out there with their videos watching my cars. I only get 2 or 3 motion records with this CNB at night as other car headlights will reflect a small white dot on my cars and this triggers a record. In no way can you see any image. The dome camera is mounted up 21' and is looking almost straight down. I called CNB and they had me make sure the AGC was ON and day/night is AUTO. These settings didn't change a thing. I have other CNB mona lisa cameras around and they easily pick up IR illumination from other cameras and spot lights. If a motion triggered normal incandescent spot light triggers on, the CNB camera has a great night night vision image. Just not with IR illumination. Any ideas on what to try?
  3. B767capt

    9 Channel 12V power supply?

    It showed 12V unloaded and just putting 1 camera on it draws it down to 3v. The new one works fine and the old is long gone. Just was wondering if it was a common problem with a simple fix before I tossed it.
  4. I turned my 9 channel, 12V power supply off at the master switch and when I turned it back on after working on my DVR, none of the cameras had video. While trouble shooting I used a volt meter on the + and - posts in the box and they show 3v with any of the 8 cameras hooked to the bus bar. Unloaded it shows 12V, meaning nothing wired on the bus. Any load bogs it down. It's 4 years old and have another one coming. Has anyone seen this before? Any fix that I may not know about other than throwing it in the trash can? Thanks